Angling results and fixtures

Results and fixtures for open and club matches.

• Open Match Results

Bridge Farm Litchamon 15/3/12

1st Steve Brown Dereham & District A.C. 75lb 3oz

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2nd Graham Kettle Watton 73lb 0oz

3rd Chris Townsend Mulbarton A.C. 54lb 4oz

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next match is on Thurs 22/3/12 draw 0830am fish 0930 till 1530

Waveney AC

• Open Match Results

SCAAA Pairs Club & Middle Pits Weybread

1st Karl Dowse & Chris Knights Jnr 49lb 4oz

2nd Chis Knights Snr & Jessica Knights 47lb 8oz

3rd David Redgrave & Karl Redgrave 42lb 8oz

1st Individual Club Pit - Ken Bird 33lb 8oz

1st Individual Middle Pit - Mal Runacres 30lb 7oz

Barford Winter League, final round: Individuals - R Bond (Browning HR) 101-04, K Kingston-Miles (barford Tackle) 83-08, W Martin (Dynamite Deben) 74-05. Teams on day - Latham's/Nash Bait 15 penalty points, Dynamite Deben and DIAWA AD Gold both 19. Final league - Latham's/Nash BAit 90, Dynamite Deben 104, DIAWA AD Gold 113, Browning HR 120, DIAWA AD Blue 134, AD Black 142, Barford Tackle 146, Tony's Boys 167, Allsorts 176, NDAA 187. Individual champion - R Bond 12 points (210-07) Runner up - V Cross 12 points(183-13). River Yare: B Weaver (Sportsmans) 27-12, I Bailey (NDAA) 22-06, A Sutter (Yarmouth) 21-11. River Bure: K Fickling (Wymondham) 12-14, R Nutt (North Walsham) 12-12, D Hammond (Stalham) 12-06. Marsh Trail: P Trevor (Lowestoft) 19-13, M Runacres (Deben) 15-00, J Catchpole (Lowestoft) 13-03. Hill Farm, Banham: B Able (Norwich) 30-01, C Wright (Lopham) 15-12, C Spelman (Martham) 14-08. Mill Farm, Sun: E Townsend (Norwich) 32-10, S Denamrk (Norwich) 28-04, C Forder (Mulbarton) 18-08. Hill Farm, Mon: J Brooks (Anglers Corner) 43-12, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 36-00, K Clark (Mulbarton) 26-00. Railway: D Goodwin (North Walsham) 73-03, R King (Barford Tackle) 69-12, W Martin (Barford Tackle). Willow: A Hilton (Long Startton) 93-12, J Randell (SENSAS) 60-03, M Cleere (Oddfellows) 46-14. Crossdrove, Weds: J Barrowman (PJA) 53-10, N Parkinson (Dynamite) 51-03, T Watling (Crossdrove) 45-08. Crossdrove, Sat: A Tuck (Suffolk AD) 53-10, S Kindlysides (DIAWA AD) 48-10, S Cowley (Crossdrove) 48-01. Crossdrove, Sun: S Parkinson (Dynamite) 53-00, M Pollard (Shimano) 44-04, J Barrowman (PJA) 42-00.

Heron Lake

Jeff Benson (Coltishall) 21lb Mirror, Royce Doroba (Great Yarmouth) 25lb Common & 20lb 13oz Common, Carl McKail (Norwich) 21lb 05 Common, Alan Topley (norwich) 27 lb 2oz Common, Dan Warhurst (norwich) 25lb Mirror, James Topley (Norwich) 21lb Ghost, Jono Griffin (Norwich) 21lb Ghost, Shane Roach (Norwich) 20lb 4oz Mirror & 21lb Common, Carl Lodge(Hockering) 27lb 03oz Common

Broadwing Lake

Oliver Robinson (Norwich) 20lb Common, 22lb 14oz Mirror, 30lb 4oz Mirror, Mark Chapman (Norwich) 20lb Mirror & 29lb Ghost, Alan Topley (Norwich) 20lb 2oz Common & 22lb Common, Kevin Smith (Lingwood) 22lb 10oz Mirror, Vince Greenaway (Hempnall) 24lb Mirror, Jeff Greenaway (Hempnall) 33lb 4oz Mirror, Jeff Benson (Coltishall) 25lb Common, Michael Plane (Norwich) 24lb 14oz Mirror

Grov Mr Knowles (Norwich) 20lb 12oz Mirror.

Club Results

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets, Topcroft: N Dobson 51-11, D Roe 40-06, D Brand 19-07. Alderby: G Finch 14-02, M Critoph 12-14, D Roe 11-12. Stalham, Melton Ponds: D Dearman 34-00, A Watson 29-04, R Austrin 20-08. Long Stratton, Besthorpe: L Banbridge 26-07, B Turner 19-15, L Pickard 16-00. Oddfellows, Barford: N Kopti 100-02, N Cleere 72-08, G Mason 72-02. CMG, Barford: G Cairns 36-08, D Lewis 33-14, R Laytham 24-00. Codgers, Railway: A Forest 88-08, R Taylor 66-00, M Hunt 56-02.

• Open Match Fixtures

Sunday 25th - Middle Pit - Last Chance Open

Draw 10am - Fish 11am - 5pm

Contact: Nigel Poll 01379 853571

Aldeby Hall: Bridge Water, Saturday 24th March (phone 01502 677363).

Match Fixtures

Barford/Fox, March 22nd Railway, March 24th Railway, fish 11am - 4pm, 01603 759624. Marsh Trail, March 31st lake A 07766697873. Mill Farm, March 25th, 26th, 01953 452769.

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