Angling results and fixtures

Results and fixtures for open and club matches.

• Open matches

Bridge Farm, Litcham: Trevor Little (Kevs Tackle) 47lb 14oz, Barry Greatbatch (Hinderclay) 45lb 5oz, Sean Greatbatch (Hinderclay) 41lb 4oz

Dereham & District a.c.match

Sunday 23/10/11 at Bartles Lodge

1st John Laskey 37lb 11oz, 2nd Andy Forest (guest) 32lb 7oz, 3rd Steve Brown 29lb 8oz

River Thurne midweek: K Fickling (Wymondham) 19lb 11oz; K Fuller (Norwich) 18lb; N Dale (NDAA) 17lb 15. River Thurne (Sat): A Gibbons (NDAA) 18lb 12oz; L Reynolds (Deben) 16lb 12oz; R Bryanton (Deben) 16lb 09. Marsh Trail: P Trevor (Lowestoft) 41lb 07oz; G Button (Beccles) 21lb 09oz; A Watson (Yarmouth) 19lb 02oz

Most Read

Hill Farm, Banham: C Wright (Lopham) 31lb; C Spelman (Nomads) 23lb 05oz; G Pearce (Pulham) 19lb 09. Mill Farm: B Able (Norwich) 42lb 08oz; D Chadwick (Wymondham) 22lb 08oz; P Bagleitto (Kev's) 19lb 02.

Cross Drove (Wed): T Watling (Cross Drove) 48lb 06oz; R Finch (Deben) 36lb 06oz; M Pollard (Shimano) 33lb 11. (Sat): B Coulson (Littleport) 49lb 06oz; S Payne (Daiwa AD) 48lb 08oz; D Heaps (Popletts) 41lb 06. (Sun): S Wheeler (Daiwa Dynamite) 76lb 07oz; M Parkinson (Dymamite Middy) 59lb 12oz; D Reeve (Cross Drove) 57lb 07oz.

Barford: D Jarvis (Suffolk AD) 66lb 02oz; W Martin (Barford Tackle) 44lb 02oz; C Gladding (Unique) 33lb 04.

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC

Silverfish Series - Second Round Match

Middle Pit: 1st Chris Knights Snr (Harleston) 12lb 14oz, 2nd Paul Cooper (Earlham Silvers) 12lb 4oz, 3rd Karl Dowse (Harleston) 9lb 7oz

Club Pit: 1st Simon Hailey 11lb 3oz, 2nd Bob Wessells (Suffolk Water Park) 9lb 4oz, 3rd Mick Hanks (Daiwa Angling Direct) 8lb 8oz

Angling Trust British Pike Championship 2012

Qualifying match held at Dereham & District Angling Club's Swanton Morley Fishery - Curly's Pit

Results: 1 Gordon Shipley 2 fish for 13lb 3oz qualified match winner, 2 Micky Edwards 3 fish for 11lb 4oz, 3 Peter Walthew 3 fish for 10lb 1oz, 4 Carl Osbourne 6 fish for 7lb 12oz, 5 Alan Lock 4 fish for 6lb 3oz, 6 Daren Robbinson 1 fish for 3lb 12oz, 7 Chris Wade 2 fish for 2lb 10oz, 8= Chris High 2 fish for 2lb 9oz, 8= Nick Pottle 1 fish for 2lb 9oz, 10 Sandra Lock 1 fish for 2lb 0oz qualified lady match winner, 11 Mel Charlesworth 1 fish for 1lb 13oz.

• Club matches

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets, Topcroft (Tues): J Beckham 61lb 14oz; R Brand 47lb 0lb 6oz; D Reynolds 41lb 12. (Thurs): J Hammond 50lb 07oz; M Dobson 44lb 04oz; R Brand 44lb 02.

Stalham, Boatyards: D Agass 10lb 15oz; R Russington 9lb 01oz; K Lawson 8lb.

Mulbarton , Wicklewood: GWard 32lb 08oz; S Fowler 18lb 14oz; G Kettle 11lb 12oz.

Fakenham, Decoy: P Ashton 113lb 04oz; M Henry 72lb 13oz; J Thomson 68lb 09. Zenith, Holly Farm: P Pope 41lb 03oz; J Broomfield 31lb 13oz; T Elvin 25lb 05. Dukes, Taswood: R Urry 35lb 07oz; N Goose 21lb 04oz; I Spalding 13lb 12oz.

Romany, Holly Farm: T Smith 92lb 04oz; C Nicholls 47lb 08oz; S Denmark 26lb.

Costessey Crown, Abbey Waters: C Watker 60lb 13oz; A Trett 58lb 10oz; M Buxton 37lb 04. Holt, teams of five, Bacton beach: M Watts 7lb 12oz; P Loke 6lb 01oz; H Randell 4lb 04.

Teams: Holt Rightgear 7 penalty points, Holt Creek 8, Avenue Angling 9.

Norwich Disabled, Railway: D Goose 12lb 04oz; A Forest 8lb; D Riches 6lb 05.

Codgers, Abbey Waters: R taylor 49lb 08oz; J Tink 47lb 07oz; B Martin 45lb;

Codgers, Barford: M Girling 42lb 04oz; C Nicholson 23lb 14oz; J Tink 23lb 08.

Mile Cross, Barford: D Miller 13lb 09oz; A Gladding 8lb 02oz; A London 6lb 04.

Oddfellows, Colton: D Mason 87lb 13oz; R Patrick 84lb 02oz; N Kopti 81lb 12.

Dereham, Abbey Waters: N Paske 68lb 09oz; J Rush 51lb 07oz; T Hunter 48lb 11.

Dukes, Railway: I Bailey 22lb 04oz; A Lowe 15lb 13oz; N Goose 9lb 02.

• Fixtures

Barford/Fox, October 27, Barford, October 29 Colton, 01603 759624.

Marsh Trail C, October 29, 07766 697973.

Mill Farm, October 27, 30, 31, 01953 452769.

Cross Drove, October 29, 30, 01842 828102.

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