Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


NDAA (River Wensum): S Borrett (Earlham Silvers) 23lb 9oz, R Hubbard (Daiwa AD) 23lb 7oz, D Gooch (Norwich) 15lb 1oz.

Hill Farm (Banham): C Wright (Lopham) 25lb 3oz, B Able (Norwich) 12lb 11oz, S Rouse (Martham) 8lb 14oz.

Cobble Acre: J Randell (SENSAS) 7lb 10oz, A Bygraves (Busmen) 4lb 10oz, C Gladding (Unique) 2lb 6oz.

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Barford: W Beardsmore (Crossdrove) 28lb 1oz, H Kemp (Southwold) 24lb 6oz, R Finch (Deben) 19lb 3oz.

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Zenith (River Wensum): J Rowell 27lb 13oz, R Thurston 24lb 6oz, R Gregson 14oz 6oz.

Dukes (Bartles Lodge): S James 26lb 6oz, C Urry 8lb 10oz, C Greenfield 5lb.

Long Stratton (Hill Farm): L Pickard 16lb 13oz, M Pickard 10lb 5oz, E Brown 9lb 5oz.

EAPS (Rockland): P Cooper 27lb 8oz, A Clarke 26lb 8oz, A Crabb 17lb 14oz.

Norfolk and Suffolk Veterans Tuesday (River Waveney): L Higgins 30lb 1oz, J Beckham 28lb 1oz, P Turrell 27lb.

Norfolk and Suffolk Veterans Thursday: J Beckham 17lb 12oz, M Critoph 10lb 14oz, M Hanks 10lb 6oz.

Stalham Club Lagoon Midweek: D Hammond 8lb 15oz, D Gipson 7lb, M Charlewood 6lb 12oz.

Stalham Club Lagoon Sunday: C Timms 10lb, M Brown 4lb 12oz, D Egerton 2lb.

Codgers (Barford): R Taylor 23lb 10oz, M Buxton 14lb 9oz, M Girling 12lb 4oz.

Oddfellows (Barford): D Mason 9lb 12oz, P Walpole 6lb 10oz, G Mason 5lb 2oz.

Wymondham (Barford): R Ashby 6lb 6oz, J Ducker 2lb 15oz, M Sciclama 2lb 14oz.

North Norfolk Division National Sea League Round Four (Kelling): M Watts (Holt Reds) 3lb 15oz, T Thomas (North Norfolk Lads) 3lb 3oz, H Randell (Holt Blue) 2lb 14oz. Teams NN Lads 6 penalty points, Skeggies 8, Holt Blue 9. Leading standings Holt Blue 32, NN Lads 39, Skeggies 54.

Dereham and District AC (Bridge Farm): Steve Brown 13lb 4oz, Neil Paske 4lb 6oz, Gerald Stokes 4lb 8oz.

Bridge Farm Litcham (open match) on January 6: 1 Paul Fensome (Dereham) 10.0.0, 2 Steve Brown (Dereham and District AC) 9.8.0, 3 Sam Rush (Dereham) 7.15.0. Next match January 13, to book call 01328 701699.

Bungay Cherry Tree AC (Weybread Middle Pit): G Shiplee 4lb 6oz, J Hunt 2lb 13oz, J Buck 1lb 5oz.

Harleston, Wortwell and District AC (Club Pit): Mac Collett 19lb 12oz, Chris Knights Snr 19lb 6oz, Karl Dowse 10lb.


King of the Coal Yard (River Wensum): January 29 and February 5, limit 24, 01603 400973.

Marsh Trail A: January 15, 01502 586284.

Barford/Foxmatch: Fixtures confirmed on 01603 759624.

Diary date: Norwich and District AA annual meeting revised to Monday, January 31, Canary Club Thorpe Road, Norwich, 7.30pm, entry by membership card.

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