Angling results and fixtures

Results and fixtures for open and club matches.


Pairs challenge, River Wensum: 1 A Gibbons (NDAA) 25lb 7oz, 2 P Swan (Earlham Silvers) 18lb 8oz, 3 R Hubbard (Daiwa AD) 18lb 1oz.

Pairs result: 1 P Swann/W Anderson 15 pts, 2 A Gibbons/D Roe 14, 3 R Hubbard/K Bland 13.

Willow, midweek: 1 R King (Dereham) 37lb 12oz, 2 C Nicholson (Barford) 37lb 6oz, 3 J Randell (SENSAS) 24lb 10oz.

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Barford: 1 V Cross (Ixworth) 30lb 12oz, 2 R Finch (Deben) 29lb 8oz, 3 R Kinston-Miles (Barford) 17lb 8oz.

Harleston, Wortwell and District AC – Club Pit: 1 Chris Knights Jnr 8lb 4oz, 2 Mac Collett 5lb 13oz, 3 Mark Taylor 3lb 8oz.

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Dukes, River Wensum: 1 S James 26lb 15oz, 2 J Lowe 22lb 6oz, 3 C Sadler 19lb 3oz.

Earlham Silvers, River Wensum: 1 P Swan 18lb 1oz, 2 L Beckett 13lb 8oz, 3 S Borrett 13lb 6oz.

Zenith, River Wensum: 1 R Napper 6lb 4oz, 2 J Revell and 3 M Elvin both 3lb 9oz.

Oddfellows, Railway: 1 C Hill 4lb 7oz, 2 F Mancini 2lb 8oz, 3 J Carey 11oz.

Fakenham, Willow: 1 D Playford 41lb 13oz, 2 G Moore 6lb 12oz, 3 I Balls 4lb 14oz.

Zenith, River Wensum: 1 R Napper 14lb, 2 P Pope 11lb 8oz, 3 R Thurston 10lb 5oz.

Stalham, club lagoon: 1 D Jones 14lb 13oz, 2 W Plummer 8lb 6oz, 3 C Timms 7lb 2oz.

Costessy Crown, Barford: 1 R Gray 19lb 7oz, 2 R Haystead 11lb 13oz, 3 M McEwen 8lb 8oz.

Dodds, Barford: 1 J Collison 35lb, 2 C Girling 17lb, 3 M Woodbine 1lb.

Holt SAC, Weybourne: 1 M Watts 4lb 5oz, 2 P Fenich 3lb 6oz, 3 P Thorburne 2lb 15oz.


Barford/Foxmatch: December 9.

Railway: December 11

Railway: December 14 Silverfish 01603 759624.

Jim Boulton Memorial: Boxing Day, River Wensum. Tickets Norwich tackle shop.

Harleston, Wortwell and District AC: Saturday, Christmas Fayre Match, Middle and Club Pits. Draw 8.30am, Fish 10am to 3pm. Contact Nigel Poll 01379 853571.

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