Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures


Barford League: G Kiddell (Team Barford) 148-03, T Anderson (Suffolk Angling Direct) 119-06, P Ashford (Allsorts) 98-10. Teams on day Barford 18 section points, Superstars and SAD both 15.

Leading standings: Barford 15, Allsorts 9, AD Suffolk 8.

River Wensum League, Riverside: S Borrett (Earlham Silvers) 17-15, L Hodge (Anglers World) 17-08, C Sadler (Dukes) 15-08.

River Thurne Midweek: M Brown (Stalham) 12-03, D Hammond (Stalham) 5-00, A Johns (Norwich) 3-14.

Hill Farm, Banham: S Rouse (Martham) 62-02, G Pearce (Pulham) 49-06, M Harman (Nomads) 40-08.

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Marsh Trail: J Catchpole (Lowestoft) 36-07, T Burden (Lowestoft) 33-09, C Davey (Veterans) 26-07.

Colton: C Gladding (Unique) 53-02, B Bygraves (Norwich) 52-08, R Anderson (Cobbleacre) 48-02.

Railway: R Harris (Codgers) 132-08, R Finch (Deben) 54-04, J Randell (SENSAS) 46-14.

Cross Drove, Wednesday: I Dunlop (Wessex) 77-00, T Whatling (Foxmatch) 70-14, J Barrowman (Anglers World) 62-02.

Cross Drove Saturday: G Arnold (Suffolk) 43-04, T Whatling (Foxmatch) 42-14, A Leathers (Browning HR) 37-07.

Cross Drove Sunday: T Evens (Dynamite) 59-00, N Parkinson (Dynamite) 52-02, N Bartrum (Daiwa AD) 41-10.

Melton Ponds: R Kent (Jolly Boys) 40-12, J Carey (Odd Fellows) 34-12, P Ashford (Barford) 33-00.

Burgh Castle: S Johnson (Huntsman) 32-00, S Miller (Huntsman) and P Woods (Huntsman) both 19-12.

Burgh Castle: J Parnell (Anglers World) 44-04, D Esherwood (B Castle) 28-06, N Jenkins (Huntsman) 27-02.

ELSAA Shore Championship, Yarmouth: A Crane 5-11.3, S Boyce 5-02.6, K Moutifield 4-14.6. Top team A Kettle, A Crane, S Grapes 12-3.6. Runners-up: J Abbott, K Moutifield, S Roberts 10-10. Heaviest round fish: A Steele (whiting). Heaviest flat fish: A Ropper and A Kettle (dabs). Section winners: K Moutifield, S Boyce, J Abbott, A Crane, A Kettle.

Bridge Farm, Litcham, October 28: 1 Steve Brown (Dereham and District AC) 56-4, 2 Neil Paske (Downham Market) 54-10, 3 Sean Greatchbatch (Hinderclay) 54lb 6oz. Next matches are tomorrow, and November 11. There is a silver fish match on Sunday, November 14.


Stalham (Club Water): J Higginson 14-01, M Charlewood 12-04, W Plummer 11-12.

EAPS (Brooke): A Clarke 4-15, P Copper 3-14, C Hinsley 3-03.

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets (Topcroft/Tuesday): T Burden 71-05, M Runacres 55-08, J Beckham 42-12.

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets (Topcroft/Thursday): T Burden 77-12, M Mirgaux 71-04, J Beckham 67-08.

Bergh Apton: P Manthorpe 100-08, F Kilbourne 50-12, E Peek 49-10.

Attleborough MG (Walnut): R Scarfe 41-00, T Kitchen 40-00, K Green 37-00.

Costessy Crown (Taswood): C Nicholson 34-00, R Yates 20-03, A Trett 16-06.

YOTA, Taswood: D Parker 14-00, S Brown 13-00.

Oddfellows (Abbey Waters): D Mason 109-10, J Hardiman 53-08, N Kopti 48-10.

Codgers (Railway): R Harris 83-11, R Rackham 47-07, M Girling 40-06.

Codgers (Colton): R Crisp 45-04, B Emms 43-08, F Anderson 34-06.

CMG (Colton): R Latham 46-12, T Baxter 42-14, D Stilwell 29-03.

Wymondham (Hinderclay): R Cross 39-13, A Farrow 24-04, A Rapley 16-14.

Dereham Police (Melton Ponds): M Dossena 29-08, A Swain 26-00, P Creasy 20-14.

Wagglers (Melton Ponds): M Harman 37-01, D Chadwick 31-13, Jane Burrows 30-03.

Zenith (Melton Ponds): D Ramsbottom 43-15, J Elvin 13-02, J Broomfield 13-01.


Barford/Foxmatch: November 4 Barford, November 6 Barford, November 7 League, November 9 Silver fish, 01603 759624.

East Anglian Pike Championship, Weybread Ocean Pit: November 7 Phil Cotton 01508 578701.

Cross Drove: November 6, 7, 01842 828102.

Marsh Trail A: November 6, 01502 544682 or 07796 437381.

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