Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures


Barford League: 1 G Kiddell (Barford) 114lb 5oz, 2 P Ashford (Allsorts) 92lb 3oz, 3 P Yeomans (Barford) 65lb 3oz. Teams: Barford 20 section points, Allsorts 18, Angling Direct Suffolk 17. League: Barford 10, Allsorts 8, ADS 5.

Cobble Acre: 1 J Randell (SENSAS) 48lb 6oz, 2 R Finch (Deben) 33lb 2oz, 3 C Gladding (Unique) 30lb 6oz.

Marsh Trail: 1 E Davison (Lowestoft) 51lb 4oz, 2 D Forrester (Caister) 32lb 12oz, 3 F Ling (Norwich) 26lb 7oz.

Hill Farm, Banham: 1 S Rouse (Martham) 54lb 15oz, 2 D Chadwick (Wymondham) 49lb 1oz, 3 G Pearce (Lopham) 37lb 1oz.

Barford, Thurs: 1 W Martin (Anglers World) 91lb 9oz, 2 C Copper (Anglers World) 79lb 12oz, 3 D Goodwin (Aylsham) 67lb 12oz.

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Barford, Sat: 1 W Martin (Anglers World) 91lb 1oz, 2 C Copper (Anglers World) 89lb 8oz, 3 D Jones (Deben) 70lb 5oz.

Cross Drove, Weds: 1 T Whatling (Foxmatch) 78lb, 2 M Pollard (Dynamite) 41lb 12oz, 3 T Anderson (AD Suffolk) 40lb 14oz.

Cross Drove, Sat: 1 S Wheeler (Dynamite) 62lb 12oz, 2 R Finch (Deben) 58lb 6oz, 3 C Nicholas (Cross Drove) 57lb 8oz.

Cross Drove, Sun: 1 M Pollard (Dynamite) 58lb 3oz, R Finch (Deben) 45lb 1oz, N Parkinson (Dynamite) 44lb 6oz.

Bridge Farm, Litcham: 1 Bill Bullock (Dereham & District AC) 49lb 8oz, 2 Neil Paske (Downham Market) 48lb 4oz, 3 Sean Greatbatch (Hinderclay) 40lb. Next match is today, to book ring 01328 701699.

Suffolk County AAA, Harleston AC Middle Pit: 1 Dave Harford (Fleece AC) 61lb 12oz, 2 Mark Youngman (Beccles AC) 46lb 4oz, 3 C Knights Jnr (Harleston AC) 45lb 12oz, 4 Chris Colby (Beccles AC) 43lb 10oz.

Harleston Wortwell & District AC Silver Match series second round, club pit: 1 P Cooper (EAPS) 13lb 10oz, 2 R Watson (Nisa Waveney) 12lb 8oz, 3 N Larkin (Nisa Waveney) 11lb 12oz, 4 M Pollard (Angling Direct) 11lb 12oz.

Middle Pit: 1 A Moss (Angling Direct) 19lb 6oz, 2 T Anderson (Angling Direct) 17lb 14oz, 3 J Platten (Nisa Waveney) 12lb 14oz.

Suffolk Water Park, match Lake 1: 1 Richard Watson (Nisa Waveney) 95lb; 2 Jamie Gooderham (Nisa Waveney Juniors) 88lb 12oz; 3 Brett Claver (Ipswich) 72lb 1oz; 4 Ricky Flower, (Ipswich) 50lb 10oz; 5 Aaron Coleman, (SWP/Bait-Tech) 48lb 1oz; 6 Darren Clarke (SWP Bait Tech) 35lb 8oz; 7 Gary Hollick (Nisa Waveney) 29lb 8oz; 8 Kim Hollick (Nisa Waveney Juniors) 12lb 8oz.


Stalham, boat lagoons: 1 A Toogood 13lb 2oz, 2 D Jones 10lb 15oz, 3 D Agass 10lb 8oz.

Dukes, river Thurne: 1 T Campell 5lb 4oz, 2 N Smith 3lb 15oz, 3 C Greenfield 2lb 2oz.

Wagglers, Hill Farm: 1 S Crowe 34lb, 2 J Burrows 25lb 5oz, 3 M Mantle 18lb 9oz.

Wagglers, Melton Ponds: 1 K Green 40lb 1oz, 2 C Wright 33lb 7oz, 3 A Nicholls 24lb 7oz.

CMG, Melton Ponds: 1 D Lewis 50lb 15oz, 2 R Nicholls 33lb 13oz, 3 D Cairns 30lb 8oz.

Norfolk Police, Melton Ponds: 1 I Young 45lb 2oz, 2 P Creasy 31lb 14oz, 3 M Andrews 28lb 2oz.

Martham, Melton Ponds: 1 S Rouse 48lb 6oz, 2 S Jackson 15lb 6oz, 3 M Emsley 15lb 2oz.

Attleborough, Melton Ponds: 1 S Green 35lb 8oz, 2 K Green 11lb, 3 T Matthews 6lb 14oz.

Odd Fellows, Melton Ponds: 1 G Mason 69lb 12oz, 2 M Cleere 58lb 6oz, 3 G Hill 54lb 12oz.

Norfolk and Sufolk Veterans, Topcroft: 1 M Critoph 50lb 15oz, 2 M Runacres 48lb 13oz, 3 T Burden 43lb 12oz.

Norfolk and Sufolk Veterans, Marsh Trail: 1 B Bygraves 21lb 12oz, 2 J Beckham 16lb 5oz, E Atkinson 5lb 12oz.

Dereham and District AC , Bartles Lodge: 1 Steve Brown 66lb 14oz, 2 Neil Paske 44lb 15oz, 3 Les Beecroft 26lb 2oz.

Wroxham AC: River Wensum: 1 P Swan 25lb 12oz, 2 A Seaman 14lb 12oz, 3 S Karn 12lb 7oz.

Fakenham, Barford: S English 43-8, M Henry 42-00, I Balls 32-11.

Beccles, river Waveney: D Brand 10-2, M Youngman 9-1, P Ginger 8-10.

Beccles, Haddiscoe: M Youngman 33-00, D Brand 20-7, B Weavers 18-10.

Wymondham, Taswood: M Edwards 45-00, R Cross 25-9, N Paige 24-11.

Aylsham, Railway: R Isbell 36-6, B Eales 33-9, M Seaman 31-2.

Codgers, Barford: A Farrow 44-10, J Tink 43-5, R Cross 31-00.

Norwich Disabled, Barford: A Forrest 59-2, B Ramsbottom 49-12, C Humphrey 45-2.

Net Busters, Colton: T Ashby 57-12, J Leech 53-00, A Bryant 43-4.

Zenith, Holly Farm: G Elvin 60-00, D Ramsbottom 51-00, M Melvin 49-12.

Holt SAC, Kelling: M Watts 8-15, P Fenwick and H Randell both 5-10.

Bungay Cherry Tree AC: Yare Beauchamp Arms: 1 J Hunt 18lb 14oz, 2 W Kilbourne 17lb 1oz, 3 S Woods 16lb 10oz.

Weybread Middle Pit: 1 P Dean 42lb 12oz, J Buck 32lb 4oz, D Gladwell 28lb 7oz.


Barford: October 28-30th 01603 759624.

East Anglian Pike Championship: Weybread Ocean Pit, November 7, 01508 578701.

River Wensum League: First round, October 31, 01603 488693.

Marsh Trail C: October 30, 01502 476219 or 07913115610.

Cross Drove: October 30/31, 01842 828102.

Coble Acre: Every Tuesday 01379 608130.

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