Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Pontins Festival, Fresh water (Barford and river Yare): J Howard (Doncaster) 302-1, K Pearson (Doncaster) 232-8, T Mally (Notts) 223-4. Beach: I Hopper (Eastbourne) 26-8, T Taylor (Eastbourne) 20-7, C Sargent (Eastbourne) 18-4. Pier: T Libby (Kent) 7-1, C Cox (Southend 6-8, I Reynolds (Suffolk) 5-1. Off shore: M Pearce (Kent) 27-15, A Tibbels (Lowestoft) 25-6, B Pearce (Kent) 23-13.

Hill Farm, Banham: S Rouse (Martham) 70-9, C Spelman (Nomads) 62-6, J Burrows (Tibenham) 50-8.

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Burgh Castle: L Arnold (Browning) 19-7, P Woods (Huntsman) 16-5, D Greenwood (Sextons) 15-9.

Marsh Trail: K Westgate (Suffolk) 24-6, J Catchpole (Suffolk) 22-8, C Davey (Veterans) 14-00.

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Cobbel Acre: I Copland (Norwich) 54-12, R Anderson (Cobbel Acre) 47-00, B Coe (St Faiths) 29-4.

Barford, midweek: P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 129-00, W Martin (Anglers World) 120-8, C Nicholson (Barford Tackle) 97-11.

Barford Sat: W Martin (Anglers World) 64-14, D Jarvis (Deben) 38-5, P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 35-8.

Cross Drove Weds: M Pollard (Fox/Dynamite) 79-11, R Finch (Deben) 51-00, J Barrowman (Anglers World) 46-4. Sat: A Tuck (VDE) 83-5, A Leathers (Browning Hotrods) 59-5, M Pollard (Fox/Dynamite) 50-12. Sun: N Parkinson (Dynamite) 62-1, S Wheeler (Dynamite) 59-12, S Payne (Daiwa AD) 49-15.

North Norfolk sea league, Kelling: G Simkin (Yorks) 10-13, M Watts (Holt) 9-15, J Goudie (Holt) 8-4.

Teams N. Norfolk lads 5 penalty points, Skeggies 12, Holt blue 13.

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC, Silverfish Match Middle Pit: 1 Mark Pollard (Angling Direct) 29lb 3oz, 2 Richard Watson (Nisa Waveney) 28lb 8oz, 3 Bob Wessels (Suffolk Water Park) 20lb 13oz. Club Pit: 1 Craig Fay (Harleston) 23lb 2oz, 2 Chris Knights Jnr (Harleston) 15lb 2oz, 3 John Platten (Nisa Waveney) 12lb 2oz.

Bridge Farm, Litcham: 1 Neil Paske (Downham Market) 89-10, 2 John Laskey (Dereham & District AC) 53-6, 3 Jimmy Brooks (Downham Market) 46-14.


Stalham boatyards: M Charlewood 14-2, B Wade 11-10, D Jones 10-14.

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets, Topcroft: A Gibbons 53-8, M Runacres 52-10, W Coote 43-1. Marsh Trail: J Beckham 50-7, M Runacres 23-7, C Davey 16-2. Burgh Hapton C Pillott 66-10, F Kilbourne 58-3, P Manthorpe 55-9.

EAPS, Brook: A Clark 3-11, P Copper 2-15, M Morley 2-14.

Fakenham, Railway: I Balls (Jun) 33-4, M English 16-14, P Ashton 15-14.

Codgers, Barford: J Tink 68-9, L Beecroft 56-4, A Forest 47-14.

Freedman, Railway: K Pope 32-12, M Rogers 31-1, S Chapman 24-12.

Codgers, Abbey Waters: M Girling 113-1, R Taylor 59-1, M Buxton 38-8. Barford: R Taylor 80-4, R Harris 49-4, A Forest 42-4.

Costessy Crown, Barford: C Watker 75-9, R Haystead 62-5, C Reynolds 56-3.

Oddfellows, Willow: G Mason 51-6, P Gardiner 48-9, J Alden 42-5.

Aylsham, Mill Lake: D Goodwin 76-5, K Flood 62-8, D Spakes 55-8.

Norwich Police, Melton Ponds: A Swain 55-15, M Browne 30-5, D Ringwood, 27-4.

Carols, Melton Ponds: A Waldron 65-8, K Dyball 14-12, P Barnard 11-00.

Wagglers, Melton Ponds: K Green 67-2, S Rouse 67-1, R Scarfe 37-8.

Zenith, Melton Ponds: P Pope 54-12, J Rowle 44-10, J Broomfield 41-6.

Oddchaps, Melton Ponds: R Kent 58-00, N Kopti 49-00, J Carey 30-00.

Holt SAC, Salthouse: P Fenwick 7-10, T Thomas 7-5, P Morse 6-10.

Holt SAC, Kelling: M Watts 9-15, J Goudie 8-4, J Fenwick 8-00.

Fakeham Sea Anglers, Salthouse: I Balls (Sen) 4-4, J Cook 2-4, P Jay 0-10.

Potter Heigham Sea Anglers, Yarmouth South: G Hewitt 3-2, S Watson 2-3, C Bell 0-13.

Wroxham AC, River Wensum: Peter Swan 16-4, Adam Crook 11-12oz, Neil Lawson 10-9.

Shrublands Angling Club, River Waveney: 1 K Howlett 17lb 14 1/2oz, 2I Beamish 12lb 12oz, 3 S Howlett 6lb 4 1/2oz


Barford Winter league: Sun Oct 17th Draw 8.30am, fish 10-3, teams of five, entries 01603 759624.

Barford/Foxmatch: Oct 14th, Railway Oct 16th Railway, 01603 759624.

Cross Drove: Oct 16th, 17th 01842 828102.

Marsh Trail: Oct 16th 07796437381.

Cobble Acre: Every Tuesday 01379 608130.

Bridge Farm, Litcham: October 14 – to book ring 01328 701699

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