Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Cross Drove, Wednesday: A Bates (Sensas) 41lb, R Finch (Deben) 33lb 7oz, D Pearce (Wisbech) 33lb 8oz.

Saturday: J Barrowman (Barford Tackle) 86lb 7oz, T Watling (Fox Match) 45lb 15oz, S Wheeler (Daiwa/Dynamite) 42lb 14oz.

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Colton: Midweek: S Bracey (Dynamite) 189lb 11oz, C Stevens (Odd Fellows) 84lb 10oz, M Cleere (Odd Fellows) 82lb 10oz.

Willow: D Roe (Daiwa/Angling Direct) 73lb 14oz, A Hilton (Long Stratton) 67lb 4oz, C Nicholson (Costessey Crown) 62lb 4oz.

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Colton Saturday: P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 70lb 2oz, C Cooper (Anglers world) 61lb , M Bradford (Fakenham) 53lb 14oz.

Suffolk Water Park: R Ledger (Suffolk) 64lb 14oz, K Gostling (Nisawaveney) 42lb 1oz, B Bagley (Nisawaveney) 41lb 8oz.

Mill Farm, Sunday: T Smith (Norwich) 80lb 4oz, B Bygraves (EMG) 38lb 14oz, C Spellman (Nomads) 38lb 8oz.

Monday: N Paske (Downham Market) 60lb 8oz, B Harmer (Mattishall) 38lb 2oz, Jane Burrows (Banham) 35lb 10oz.

Hillfarm, Banham: S Rouse (Martham) 38lb 1oz, J Burrows (Tibbenham) 29lb 14oz, Jane Burrows (Banham) 23lb.

Hinderclay, Saturday: P Alexander (Hindercaly) 135lb 10oz, P Walpole (Hinderclay) 105lb 6oz, B Ward (Hinderclay) 98lb 10oz.

Sunday: T Brooks (Thetford) 80lb 10lb, J Boughton (Hinderclay) 66lb 12oz, W Wright (Hinderclay) 53lb 2oz.

Tackle X Change, Sea League, Bollards Quay: P Tovell (Gorleston) 3lbs, M Gooch (Lowestoft) 2lb 4oz, T Thomas (Holt) 1lb 6oz.


Sportsmans, Reepham: K Hodgins 74lb 4oz, R Silverwood 71lb 2oz, M Colman 39lb 15oz.

Costessey Crown, Abbey Waters: J Collinson 121lb 2oz, K Watker 119lb 14oz, D Mallet 96lb 2oz.

Suffolk Water Park: C Watker 49lb 10oz, C Nicholson 45lb , J Collinson 42lb 14oz.

Codgers, Holly Farm: R Harris 81lb 12oz, A Farrow 64lb 10oz, A Forrest 49lb 4oz.

Abbey Waters: M Girling 109lb 14oz, J Tink 61lb 15oz, C Bayle 47lb 12oz.

Norfolk & Suffolk Veterans, Topcroft, Tuesday: W Coote 61lb 2oz, M Reeve 55lb 5oz, D Brand 47lb


Thursday: M Critoph 80lb 2oz, A Gibbons 65lb 11oz, M Reeve 64lb 13oz.

Zenith, Reepham: J Broomfield 11lb, T Baker 8lb, R Gregson 7lb 10oz.

Viking Whalers, Topcroft: B Moore 31lb 2oz, M Moore 29lb 14oz, S Manley & J Self both 17lb 14oz.

Millers, Abbey Waters: S Thomson 91lb 2oz, M Mcabe 42lb 11oz, J Miller 41lb 11oz.

Barford: C Hudson 38lb , A Davis 26lb 9oz, J Miller 25lb 2oz.

Odd Fellows, Abbey Waters: D Mason 58lb, T Gray 47lb 12oz, R Patrick 37lb 12oz.

Attleborough Match Group, Abbey Waters: T Kitchen 121lb 8oz, M Wiles 102lb 14oz, M Fairbrother 94lb 12oz.

CMG, Barford: G Cairns 141lb 10oz, D Cairns 78lb , T Baxter 68lb 15oz.

City Works, Willow: M Hayden 47lb 8oz, M Hood 43lb 2oz, F Ling 37lb 7oz.

Holt SAC, Bacton: P Fennech 2lb 1oz, T Thomas 1lb 1oz, S Attew 1lb.

Bridge Farm Litcham: 1 Steve Brown Dereham & District 52.8.0, 2 Garth Hodson 37.4.0, 3 Vance Heath 34.0.0.


Mill Farm May 16, 17 01953 452769

Barford/Fox match May 13

Railway, May 15

Joe Alden Memorial May 18 Barford (01603 759 624)

Cross Drove May 15, 16 19 (01842 828 102)

Cobbleacre May 18 (01379 608 130).

Bridge Farm Litcham Thursday, May 13. To book ring 01328 701699 draw 9am fish 10am to 3.30pm.

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