Angling results and fixtures

Club and open match results and fixtures


Barford teams of five league, round one: J Parnell (Anglers World B) 42lb 11oz, N Parkinson (Lathams 42lb, S Bracey (Anglers World B) 39lb 2oz. Teams: Lathams 8 penalty points, LAW 12, LAW B 17.

Bridge Farm, Litcham: John Laskey (Dereham & District AC) 10lb 4oz, Dave Bates (Kevs Tackle) 6lb 12oz, Bill Bullock (Dereham & District AC) 6lb 7oz. Silver fish match: Steve Brown (Dereham & District AC) 22lb 3oz, Lester Pratt (Shipshape Tackle) 20lb 6oz, Bill Bullock (Dereham & District AC) 16lb 15oz

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River Wensum, Riverside: S Borrett (Earlham Silvers) 27lb 7oz, K Westgate (Waveney) 18lb 3oz, D Roe (DAD) 14lb.

Hill Farm,Banham: M Peek (Yaxham) 24lb 14oz, J Hill (Norwich) 19lb 10oz, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 16lb 7oz.

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Barford, Silver Fish: R Finch (Deben) 9lb, P Gardiner (Odd Fellows) 8lb 12oz, J Randell (Sensas) 5lb 7oz.

Barford,Thursday: P Gardiner (Odd Fellows) 33lb 14oz, C Craske (Norfolk) 25lb 12oz, J Carey (Odd Fellows) 20lb 10oz.

Barford, Saturday: S Kindleysides (East Harling) 25lb, D Jarvis (Deben) 20lb, T Evans (Dynamite) 18lb 10oz.

North Level Pike Open: A Mclagish (Wisbech) 71lb 5oz, R Hurst (Sutton Bridge) 43lb 15oz, M Mumby (Sutton Bridge) 27lb 8oz.

Swanton Morley Pike Qualifier: A Lock (Lowestoft) 5lb 6oz, C Wade (Cromer) 4lb 3oz, C High (Shipdham) 3lb 5oz.

Burgh Castle: K Barfield (Lacons) 18lb 2oz, D Grimwood (Sextons) 12lb 4oz, L Arnold (Jolly Boys) 12lb.

Harleston, Wortwell & District, Silver Series Round 2 - Weybread Middle Pit: Peter Dade 7lb 8oz, Mark Taylor 4lb 4oz, Rodney Finch 4lb


Earlham Silvers, River Wensum Norwich: S Borrett 22lb 3oz, M Pope 7lb 11oz, M Thurtle 4lb 11oz.

Dukes, River Wensum: C Urry 12lb 13oz, C Sadler 11lb 14oz, S James 8lb 12oz.

Stalham Club Lagoon: J Higginson 9lb 8oz, D Egerton 7lb 6oz, J Hehir & D Dearman 6lb 10oz (return trophies by February 28).

Norfolk & Suffolk Veterans, River Waveney: G Ball 10oz, C Davey 9oz, M Dobson 8oz.

Topcroft: D Brand 3lb 9oz, M Dobson 2lb 4oz, J Beckham 1lb 9oz.

Waglers, Hill Farm: S Crowe 25lb 5oz, M Mantle 13lb, G Pearce 11lb 11oz.

Fakenham, Button Hole: D Playford 25lb 9oz, S English 25lb 8oz, M Bradford 15lb 12oz. Oddchaps,Barford: D Mason 42lb 8oz, N Kopti 20lb 11oz, T Gray 14lb 5oz.

Codgers, Barford: J Tink 8lb 6oz, B Brooks 6lb 9oz, R Harris 5lb.

Codgers, Barford: B Martin 24lb 6oz, R Harris 14lb, M Gurling 7lb 8oz.

Wymondham, Abbey Waters: P Edwards 25lb 10oz, M Scicluna 20lb 1oz, A Rapley 19lb (Series winner A Rapley).

Norwich Disabled, Barford: J Chaplin 13lb 12oz, C Humphrey 11lb 12oz, P Smith 4lb 14oz.


Barford/Fox Match tomorrow, Railway February 13, Railway February 16 Silver

fish, 01603 759624, Swangey Lake February 19, 07811184154, Mill Farm February 14, 01953 452769, Bridge Farm, Litcham tomorrow, draw 9am fish 10am to 3.30pm.

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