It's easy to imagine how Andy Cook won Flo Allen over.

Minutes after he sits down for his official unveiling as the head coach of Norwich City's women's side, he's making jokes and finding witty lines in rapid speed.

"If you're playing Monopoly with your family on Christmas day, you want to win," he says when asked about the style of play he'll bring to The Nest. "Football's a game to be won, and that's how we get promoted."

He comes across as someone who'd be able to charm most into giving him a job, but his track record has the substance to back his calm and confident character up.

Cook won three trophies as the Nottingham Forest chief and arrives at Norwich having helped mastermind Newcastle United's promotion to the second tier. It's no surprise he's got high hopes for his new side.

"I don't see why [we can't get to the WSL]," he says. "Speaking to (general manager) Flo in the interview process, I didn't realise the number of players who have come out of Norfolk and gone on to play in the Championship or the WSL, and it's something that we want to continue.

"I know that the club's producing good players, and we've got a lot of young players who have come through the pathway. I'm keen to work with them and to help them get a little bit better and learn one or two things from me.

"Norwich is a huge club, with an owner who loves the area, love the city, loves the club. Ben (Knapper) coming in, Johannes (Hoff Thorup), myself, the direction that flow wants to take the women's side in, everything's there to keep progressing and keep striving."

Although promotion has evaded the Canaries since the women's team were officially integrated during the 2021-22 season, Cook believes he's got a good base to work with.

City were unbeaten in the league until the final day of the 2023-24 campaign, and although some transfer business is expected, he knows it's not a huge step from that to a title-winning team.

The players have already met their new boss, and the signs are good on both sides.

Cook was unveiled alongside women's general manager Flo Allen (left)Cook was unveiled alongside women's general manager Flo Allen (left) (Image: Denise Bradley/Newsquest)

"They were delighted," Cook continues. "So that was a good start! If they didn't show me that I think we'd be struggling here! They were good.

"A lot of the players speak to people, and a few of the girls know players who I've worked with previously, and fortunately they've said good things as well, so it was a good starting point.

"We've just had tests in the first couple of nights, it's been nice for me just to walk around and speak to people, introduce myself to the staff as well as the players.

"I think the results speak for themselves; one loss last season, and the way the season went, it's a very good team to come into. I'm very fortunate that I get to walk into a group of players that are so together.

"Coming off a season like that, it's a good start."

The one thing that's underpinned the entirety of Cook's communications at the club so far has been hard work, with battle and desire the prerequisites for all his players.

It's fitting, then, that he signs off with a reference to the need to make actions speak louder than words, even if his words have been rather impressive.

"Once you've done it (promotion), and once you've been through that process, you know what it's like," he says. "One of the things I do like to say is that talk's cheap.

"We can talk all day about what we're going to do, how we're going to do it, this, that and the other. Ultimately, you've got to go out and show it."