Ched Evans has only good things to say about Norwich City even as he locks horns with them in a fierce play-off qualification battle.

The Preston North End striker spent six months on loan at Carrow Road when his career was in its infancy, playing 28 games and scoring 10 goals for the Canaries after joining temporarily from Manchester City.

More than 15 years have passed since that experience in East Anglia, but the Welshman's memories of a spell he thoroughly enjoyed haven't faded one bit.

"I absolutely loved being there," he recalled. "You can tell just how much it means to the fans down there. It was a surreal experience at that age and I learned a lot.

"It's funny, I remember negotiating a contract with Glenn Roeder and I thought I'd won the jackpot because I got a few extra hundred quid a week.

"I was over the moon with it, not realising what some of the other players were on.

"It was fun, and then when the business end starts coming into it you start realising how important it is to win games in this league."

That real-world insight gave Evans something he didn't have as a Citizens youth player, and he's in no doubt as to the impact his time as a Norwich player had on him.

The 35-year-old has now played almost 400 league games and earned 13 international caps, but it all started in earnest in Norfolk.

"Having that experience going out and doing well was mega for me, both on a personal level and professionally," he continued, speaking to Preston's official channels. "It showed me what it really means to win.

"Before that I was playing reserve games and nothing really matters. You step into the professional game and suddenly everything matters.

"It's people's livelihoods and jobs, so to get that experience at such a young age was vital for me."