Thetford's Roni Dean goes in search of her fourth win in a row as a pro boxer on Saturday.

Dean, 29, heads to Cheshunt to face the experienced Bec Connolly as she looks to put another building block in place for her career.

“That’s the way I look at it, another building block to build to something bigger,” she said.

“She’s a tough girl and will be a good, tough opponent."

The hard work begins in the gym under the watchful eye of coach Graham Everett - as well as father Matt at Thetford Boxing Club.

“A big part of what we do is knowing when the time is right to have a step up and building up to that opportunity, especially now in the pros. I'm lucky to have Graham (Everett) managing me – he does that side of it and he's really knowledgeable.”

Everett has a long list of Norfolk’s finest boxers on his CV, including former world title challenger Liam Walsh, who is heavily involved in Dean’s fight preparations. Walsh pulls no punches when it comes to honest appraisal of her work,

“It's quality - I think it makes me work harder, physically and mentally, because you know that the minute you become predictable or you drop your guard, he will catch you out,” said Dean.

All the sparring that I've done with Liam has been quality and he has brought me on loads as a boxer. He always gives like honest feedback – he is a good honest person.

“Coaches can see things from outside the ring and having someone in front of you gives you a different perspective, identifying little things, and that’s really valuable.

“Liam obviously powers down and all of that stuff, but it's good that if I drop my hands for example, he will punish me to show what could happen. He still catches me with shots.”

Dean was at York Hall last weekend to see Mikie Webber-Kane's successful Southern Area title fight. She’s seen cousin Rocky triumph at the same iconic venue and knows what the journey means for the fans as well as the fighters.

“I went with my dad and my boyfriend and it was insane,” she said. “We jumped out of our seats when Mikie won. It’s such a good thing for Great Yarmouth as well.”