The problem with running football clubs is that they are very difficult things to manage.

At one extreme we have Marske FC, who resigned from the Northern Premier League this week, after not finding the money to see the season out and then just yesterday Peter Freund, a minority owner of the New York Yankees, put up his consortiums shares in Dagenham and Redbridge FC for sale.

One moonlighting journalist this week suggested that I should sell up, but he forgot to mention who to. Therein lies the problem, there are many who proffer opinions but very few who have any answers. I will do my best thought to answer some of the questions that the EDP’s head honcho Chris Lakey has put to me, although I am still constrained by what I can say as I write this column.

The key is we need the right partner/investor; we need someone that understands business and can live within the somewhat neurotic world of football. Over the last few weeks I have spoken to many parties. Some wanted to spend millions, which is something that sadly I could not help with, much that I would have liked to of done. Others had personal situations that developed during negotiations which prevented them investing, others had multiple decision makers which made getting a decision difficult.

However, I have had in-depth discussions over Christmas and the New Year period with one group which I hope will conclude in a deal. I like the fact that they are dynamic and have one guy at the top who can make decisions which means that things can get done quickly and efficiently.

Whilst I have always been prepared to walk away if asked to, every investor so far has wanted me to be part of the club going forward which I am more than pleased about as we have a lot of unfinished business to do.

Monsieur Lakey wanted to know about the consequences of failure to attract investment and whilst I do have some B plans, I have not considered failure as an option. Simply put, we sell more players than any other non league club, we have a booming academy, the best manager in the league and a squad which is improving with fitness and additions every week. There are some long-term strategies in place to ensure that I can concentrate on brighter events in the coming months and as our cost base (excluding players) is probably one of the lowest in all the leagues. It means that extra monies generated can make a disproportionate effect to the squad. Simply put, we cannot fail.

I am told that the word on the street is that Darlington could be our last game and I can assure everyone that this is not the case - we will, and I will, be at Buxton next Saturday. There are so many clubs that have tough moments, Chelsea were days away from going bust before Roman Abramovich stepped in and not only saved the club but paved the way for them to have their most successful period in their history.

Personally I have found out who my friends are. I have had many messages of support, have seen some fans offering support be shouted down, but yet when our visitors today, Darlington, decide to raise money for the third time this season they raised £15,000 in a day as their supporters rallied around the club.

I know that they are fan owned and fans will know that being fan owned means that they have to pay more than just admission prices alone, but we are stronger as a group, sticking together and pulling in the same direction.

Football clubs keep communities together and I am well aware of the importance that they hold in bonding many different sections of the community together. There are some that call for the magic pill of better regulation, but I cannot see how this will avoid some of the problems that we are seeing. Regulators will not be giving out money. I accept that they will be enforcing that clubs do not spend more than they can afford, but the reality is simply that this end of the pyramid needs more money.

As a club I think we need to find a way to develop a stand into a conference and banqueting centre/small hotel, turning the club into a seven-day-a-week business, but we have two or three other strands that we can put together for next season that sorts out the clubs shortfalls on a seasonal basis - indeed I am taking a two-night trip to South America in a few days time to press the start button on one of them.

We need the town behind us today - it’s a big game and the more fans that get behind the lads the easier it makes their life on the pitch. Let’s stick together - don’t quit before the miracle.