After writing about the Felthorpe Fancy Dress Boxing Day Cross Country Run last week, I am so pleased to say that this year’s event really was a success.

If not the biggest turnout ever, having had up to 140 entrants a few years ago, as far as I am concerned, this latest one was the most special one yet, particularly having organised it specifically on behalf of one of my best friends in Dave Mytton, who now has Parkinson’s Disease. And, of course, on the back of having said last year’s run was going to be the last.

When seeing Dave running towards the finish line with family members and friends, including some of Norfolk’s best long-distance runners of the past in Stu Malone, Guy Amos and Nigel Arnold, plus fellow Parkinson’s sufferer and work colleague Ian Sturgess, to say it brought a lump to my throat is an understatement.

Before this, whilst just over halfway round, covered in mud and soaking wet having run through rough undergrowth, chest-deep mud and across streams, I looked at my running partner, Jason Wright who was laying the trail with me, and remarked how lucky we all were just to be able to do it.

So many things came home to me during the run and whilst I have said it many times before, running really can be a time for reflecting upon just how fragile and precious life is.

How just to be able to do things which perhaps we take for granted. Until, of course, come the day when we can’t anymore.

Yes, this years Boxing Day Run, as far as I am concerned, was the best one yet.

Needless to say, I have since been asked on numerous occasions if we really have now brought the final curtain down on this crazy fun run.

My reply to all those who have asked – “whilst I still can, then I still will”.

Why not? Especially when it not only brings so much fun and laughter to all those who take part but also demonstrates just how people pull together when it comes to being there to lend support for others.

Not forgetting that we also raised over £1,500 for some super causes and charities such as Cure Parkinson’s.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part, supported and of course helped make the run/event what it was.

So, with this in mind – get your entries in early for what will hopefully be the Felthorpe Charity Boxing Day Run for 2024.

Happy New Year to all...