I’ve had a few runs recently when I’ve been on the start line and thought to myself: ‘I feel quite up for this...’ 

As has been mentioned before, I’ve been guilty of thinking I have to go for a PB every time I toe a start line. 

I’m gradually managing to shed that mindset with a view that some races can just be a good training run for a bigger goal down the line. 

That’s how I approached the ‘mob match’ at Colney Lane parkrun last Saturday when, as part of Wymondham AC, we took on the Norfolk Gazelles. 

I hadn’t given the run (not a race...) much thought given I’d been at a Christmas party the night before and wasn’t sure how I would be feeling the next morning. 

However, after an electrolyte tablet, I felt good to go and resolved to make it a good training run (and try and pass as many Gazelles as possible!) 

I’m not much of a cross-country/trail runner and I’d been led to believe that the terrain at Colney Lane can get a little tricky in very wet conditions. 

However, the weather had been relatively kind, and it was particularly temperate for this time of year. 

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I laced up my hybrid shoes (Hoka ATR Challengers), thinking that my full on trail Inov-8 shoes with bigger lugs, which I’ve worn once, wouldn’t be needed. 

My warm-up involved jogging from the car given we were running a little late and one of my new year’s resolutions is to try and give myself a bit more time and not make everything such a rush. 

Anyway, despite feeling bullish on the start line, after a few hundred metres my lungs were saying ‘hello’ and I was struggling to catch my breath. 

Fortunately, I managed to settle quite quickly thereafter and tried to keep it steady until we got to ‘Dog Poo Hill’, which I had been warned about by my wife, Alison. 

With the good conditions underfoot, it wasn’t as bad as I feared. I tried to keep my effort level the same as on the flatter parts of the course so, obviously, I slowed, but I knew I could make this up on other areas of the route. 

It’s a two-lap course at Colney Lane, which helped given it was my first time there. I knew on the second loop where I could push and where it was worth taking it steady. 

I was managing to pass a few people and after about 3K the thought came into my head that I could perhaps get under 20 minutes. 

It would mean I wouldn’t be able to take my foot off the gas up Dog Poo Hill too much on the second loop but I was confident I could hang on thereafter despite the inevitable spike in my heart rate. 

I pushed hard up the hill and then gave myself 30 seconds to recover on the flat. Another check of my watch confirmed that a sub 20 was on... but it was going to be close. 

It was starting to pinch a little now, but I tried to chase down as many runners as I could knowing that every position could count in the mob match (despite not fully understanding the scoring system...) 

As I came round the final corner, I had to really let my legs go and push as hard as possible. Cheered on by my WAC teammates who had already finished, I pushed all the way through the finishers funnel: 19:57. 

I’ll take that; it’s certainly whetted my appetite for more parkruns next year if I can gather the wherewithal to get there for 9am after a week of rushing around trying to get the kids to school (and work on time). 

It was a really enjoyable morning, capped off by the news later on that Wymondham had indeed won the mob match, reclaiming the crown after the Gazelles won it last year. 

I now just have one more big effort before the year is out. I decided to transfer my Wymondham New Year’s Day 10K place and run the Ely 10K on New Year’s Eve for obvious reasons. 

Here’s hoping for a strong end to the year. 

This will be my last column of 2023; I’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that reads my columns and comments on Facebook. Hopefully, you still find the thoughts of an average runner trying to be a bit better interesting. 

I hope you all have a great Christmas and get thinking about setting some scary (but realistic) goals for 2024. 


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