The iconic boxing venue, York Hall, will roar to the sound of Thetford fight fans on Friday night when Roni Rea Dean makes her boxing debut on the biggest domestic stage of the all.

The 28-year-old featherweight continues a boxing family dynasty – the name Dean is synonymous with the town and the sport – and after a year of frustration, she can’t wait to step into the right for the first time as a professional.

Despite the family influences, Dean admits her earlier years didn’t suggest she had the boxing genes.

“I started boxing when I was about 18 or 19,” she explained. “That's when I had my first amateur bout. Then I had a few injuries and stuff. I went in the ABAs in 2021 and got through to the final but lost on a split decision.

“The plan for me was always do the nationals and then go pro. I never thought I would be fit enough or anything to box because I knew I wasn't a sporty girl when I was growing up.

“But there's been loads of publicity around women's pro boxing, so when I did the nationals, it was like, let's do these and then turn pro.

“In an ideal world I wish I'd have started when I was a kid, but I’m here now.”

As well as being guided by her father, Matt, at Thetford Boxing Club, Dean has been working under the wing of Norwich trainer Graham Everett for a year or so now, although a wrist injury stood in her way of getting into the ring – until this date with Slovakian Klaudia Ferenczi, who has more than 100 fights on her CV.

“I've always wanted to box at York Hall,” she said. “It's just an iconic place.

“I just want to get in there now. It's been a frustrating year, so to finally have the go ahead and have a fight day is good, and there will be great support for me as well.

“My dad opened the amateur boxing club in Thetford and it’s been great to bring boxing back to the town.”

Everett is looking forward to seeing Dean in action.

“She's got huge support – a big supportive family as well,” he said.” You know the Thetford fans will come out in the droves like they used to for her cousin Rocky. It's a dynasty isn't it?

“Roni’s been really fun to work with. She's a good person with good work ethics and comes from very good stock. Her dad, Matty, has done a great job with her and he's still involved with us as a part of the team.

“I think we've done a good job, she's looking really ready.”

The fight is available to watch live on @FiteTV.