Hollywood star Hugh Jackman has revealed he was approached about investing in Norwich City Football Club, and said he now regrets having turned down the chance to pump money into the Canaries.

Although born in Australia, the actor, whose films include X-Men and Real Steel, has links to Norfolk through his mother, who still lives in Norwich.

Jackman has previously revealed how he visited her a number of times as a child and made a trip to Carrow Road when he was 16.

But, speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, he revealed how he had been approached about investing in the Canaries, before their rapid rise through the leagues and back into the Premiership.

He said: 'I got a letter about a year ago saying, 'Being such a huge Norwich City fan would I like to be a celebrity investor?', like a small part-owner.

'I said, 'I think that's a little stretched, I've been to Carrow Road once, my mum took me', so I decided not to invest.

'And since then they're on a run, so what do I know?'

After last month's 2-1 Carrow Road win over Sunderland, Jackman tweeted: 'congratulations norwich city...first home win of this EPL season...many more to come!'

The Wolverine star continued in his radio interview: 'People say to me about these underdog stories in Hollywood, 'it never happens in real life', but hey, Norwich city are in the Premier League.' The 42-year-old also said he still has a shirt from when the Canaries beat Sunderland to win the Milk Cup in 1985, although he was a little out with his year in the radio interview.

He said: 'I have the Milk Cup shirt, the commemorative shirt from 1984, there's really been nothing since that, except for Delia Smith's poached eggs.

'But there was really not much more going on until now and our big rebuilding.'

In a recent interview with Norwich City's official website, Jackman revealed the first time he ever saw snow was in Norwich and said he was 'pumped' about the Canaries playing the likes of Manchester United and Liverpool.

He added he used the internet to keep tabs on how Paul Lambert's team are faring and said although the Canaries will find it tough in the top flight that he believes 'they are ready'.

And in 2009, speaking in an interview on Sky Sports' Soccer AM football show Jackman spoke of his love for the Ipswich and Norwich derby game.

But Jackman's interest in Norwich goes beyond the football. Back in 2004, when asked about his favourite bar, he told an interviewer from FHM magazine: 'I'd have to say my favourite is a pub in Norwich called the Nag's Head. There's always music and everyone has a sing-song, a couple of jars and tells stories.'

Sadly, for the star, the Nag's Head ceased to be in 1997. These days the King Street bar is known as King's.

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