Read this fabulous piece of local angling news with unbridled joy.

For Norfolk chub specialist Tom Martin has bagged three superb specimens over the magical 7lb mark from the upper reaches of the River Bure.

And, detailed photographs he has supplied confirm each chub is different but of the same year class, headed by a beauty of 7lb 5oz, the others two and three ounces lower.

Tom is a 36-year-old human resources advisor in the NHS and a former member of the Chub Study Group. He tempted his trio of game changers from a selected swim below Buxton Mill while fishing during three night sessions.

'For 20 years my passion has been wild chub and I seek quality rather than quantity,' he said from his home in Rosebery Road, Norwich.

So what made him choose to fish the rather less popular River Bure than the Wensum or Yare?

'The question provides the answer,' he declared. 'The Bure is hardly fished at all by the specialist angler and strolling along the bank casting around in daylight is a hopeless waste of time.

'I carried out in-depth research along the river and came to the conclusion that chub there may have grown exceptionally well on a diet of American crayfish. I realised I would need to fish after dark to tempt them. As I am very busy during the day, this suited me.

'I pre-baited the chosen swim and before I commenced fishing I tossed in a few more freebies then cast in the potent cheese bait. I spent hours during three nights patiently waiting and was rewarded with the biggest fish when on the point of packing up. The bells rang and there it was – a magnificent chub. Without doubt it's the best end of season of my life,' he concluded.

Chub are not native to the River Bure. The first were introduced by the old East Suffolk and Norfolk River Board, imported from the River Wye around 1960. More were added later and the species spread steadily upstream towards Aylsham and down to Horstead.

Chub are notoriously slow growers and Tom Martin's trio are almost certain to be over 15 years old.

And, by some miracle of nature, have managed to evade the attention of fish predators.

Hubbard crowned King of the Wensum League

Angling Direct's match ace Glen Hubbard was crowned King of the River Wensum League on Sunday.

The 55-year-old tackle shop expert flat floated a catch of 13 Riverside bream on worm, plus small roach that boosted his total to 44lb 4oz. The new champion scored 10 penalty points, followed by Jason Lowe on 12.

On the tidal River Yare, roach and bream featured in Saturday's Early bird series fished in rising water temperatures.

Winner was Steve Kindleysides (Deben) with 21lb 2oz of roach and skimmers from peg 84.

Andy Wilson-Sutter (Great Yarmouth) was runner-up with 18lb 14oz of skimmers from 101, then Mal Runacres (Deben) with an all roach net of 16lb 4oz from 94.

With the final round on Saturday Kindleysides heads the table with 27lb 2oz then Mick Mirgaux 25lbs 4oz and Andy Wilson-Sutter 24lb 8oz.

The last chance Yare open of the season is scheduled for next Tuesday.