Professional boxing looks set to return to Norwich in September after being sidelined for more a year and a half because of the pandemic.

Negotiations are currently underway, with attendance numbers for the venue - The Halls - as well as fight numbers yet to be clarified.

But if all goes to plan the show will feature a number of new recruits to the local scene, including England amateur fighter Emma Dolan, while talks are currently taking place to secure a quality top of the bill fight.

Not since February last year has The Halls echoed to the sound of the traditional small hall show. Two local fighters – Iain Martell and Stevie Levy – have moved to other gyms, but Everett now has a new-looking young group working alongside its more established fighters, headed by Team Walsh.

The highly-rated Dolan, 23, has just been given her British Boxing of control licence and looks set to make her debut. Frankie Davey, from Ipswich, will also feature as will Great Yarmouth’s Mikie Webber-Kane as well as more experienced locals such as Liam Goddard, Owen Blunden, Joe Steed and Bernado Marime – with the added attraction of the unbeaten Michael Walsh.

Eastern Daily Press: Liam Goddard in action - the Norwich fighter is pencilled in to feature if boxing returns in SeptemberLiam Goddard in action - the Norwich fighter is pencilled in to feature if boxing returns in September (Image: © 2013 Mark Hewlett)

"Most of my group are up-and-coming home fighters and they are all young,” said trainer Graham Everett.

“Some fighters have found it hard to come to the gym, some lost their way, some have stayed in the gym, but they are now all back in, so that’s the main thing.

“It’s been an awful period for any sport, definitely for us. Personally I have only had Ryan Walsh in the final of the Golden Contract.

“But we are fighting back now, we have light at the end of the tunnel. We have a date provisionally booked, with just a few things left to sort.”

“We have a new group of young talent, some debutants – Frankie, Emma, who is a class act, and Mikie.”

“Once again we’ve been working closely with Mervyn Turner, from Shamrock Promotions, who’s made Norwich his second home, to secure our local shows which are so important to the development of our local fighters.”