Four of the region’s top boxers are hoping to let off more fireworks in Norwich on Friday night.

Owen Blunden, Emma Dolan, Mikie Webber-Kane and Frankie Davey feature on a dinner show promoted by Mervyn Turner’s Shamrock Promotions.

City fighter Blunden will be looking to build on a 6-0 record after a blood and guts tussle with Ezequiel Gregores in September.

Eastern Daily Press: Norwich boxer Owen BlundenNorwich boxer Owen Blunden (Image: @dpboxinguk)

“I think he learned about himself,” said trainer Graham Everett. “There was a lot of ‘well done, Owen’ but there was also the other side and me and him have had deep conversations about the fight and certain aspects of the fight and he knows what he needs to improve on.

“We have worked it out between ourselves and I am expecting to see improvements in certain areas. From the spectators’ point of view, it was a fantastic fight, great entertainment and fights like that make shows - I’d just rather they come out a bit safer at times.

“But it is all great experience. He is learning about himself as a young man. He didn’t have that much amateur experience so he is still very much in the young and learning stage.

“The ultimate goal for Owen is for him to become a six-, eight- or 10-round fighter, not a four-round war merchant. But one good thing that came out of that fight was that we know when it gets tough he will get tough with it, so full respect to him for that.”

Joining him at the Bonfire Boxing Dinner at the Holiday Inn North are three fighters coming off winning debuts, including Dolan, whose debut was gone in a flash as she destroyed Nicole Goldsmith-Ryan in just 53 seconds.

“She doesn’t say a lot but she says a lot with those fiery, fast fists – she is definitely a very, very big prospect,” added Everett.

“It’s all the new group of young, well supported, exciting fighters. They’re all a pleasure to work with. We are building and we are up and running again and getting them busy. We will be looking to get on another show on before Christmas as well so from September to the end of the year we should be giving them three home fights, three chances to gain experience and three chances to build their fan base.”