Two local boxers have been praised for helping 'make Great Yarmouth great'.

Trainer Tony Norman is a passionate and positive supporter of the town and believes the efforts of pro fighters Mikie Webber-Kane and Henri Potter from Gorleston exemplify all that is good about Great Yarmouth.

Webber-Kane and Potter are relative newcomers to the professional fight scene but, backed by a huge and noisy local support in Norwich a week ago, extended their 100pc records to 5-0 and 3-0 respectively.

“Great Yarmouth is great,” said Norman. “I am a big advocate for pushing the town. It’s a fantastic town.

“The problem with Great Yarmouth is a lot of people focus on the doom and gloom and they don’t see the great work that people do. There are a lot of combat clubs in Yarmouth, we keep a lot of kids off the streets. All the gyms in Yarmouth help everyone and I think if people start thinking Great Yarmouth is great there will be some great things come out of there and we have seen two great lads on this show.”

Potter was a 39-37 winner against Darryl Tanfuma, from Luton, while Webber-Kane impressed on his way to a 39-37 win over Karl Sampson, from Sheffield – both much to the delight of the travelling fans.

“The fans really lift the lads,” said Norman. “They weren’t walkover fights, they were proper hard tests and it really helps the lads. They are really popular lads, they’ve got two different sets of friends and quite a lot of mutual friends. Now they are both training together we will be looking to build on that.”

Norman has worked with Webber-Kane since he began around seven years ago, but the association with Potter, who has quality amateur experience, stretches back just a couple of months.

Their development includes coaching in Norwich under the eyes of Graham Everett.

“I want to say a big thankyou to Graham,” added Norman. “He’s probably the only boxing man who has believed in me, from day one, and he has believed in Mikie and invited him up to the gym when he was 16 to spar with Zaiphan Morris and that was Mikie’s turning point. Without people like Graham, who is a really good honest boxing man, we wouldn’t have this.”