Review: Halloween Spooktacular, Great Yarmouth Hippodrome Circus

Halloween Spooktacular: Great Yarmouth Hippodrome favourites Johnny Mac and Jack Jay keep the action

Halloween Spooktacular: Great Yarmouth Hippodrome favourites Johnny Mac and Jack Jay keep the action - and laughs - flowing in this ghostly-themed family favourite. - Credit: Archant

Review: Stacia Briggs samples some spooky circus fun at Great Yarmouth

It's a frighteningly good show guaranteed to keep the spirits high.

The Hippodrome's Halloween show runs until October 31 and is set in a suitably spooky deserted (Un)fairground run by the dastardly Mr Mullens (played with villainous glee by Matt Dallan) whose staff are hypnotised into doing his bidding.

This year's set is absolutely breathtaking, with its moving ferris wheel, palm reader's tent, carousel horses and coconut shy: it's a gorgeous back-drop for an array of wonderful acts from across Europe including Simona Gheorghe with her hula hoops, aerial acts Caroline Sees, Natascha Lacey and Nikki Ionescu, Sascha Williams balancing on the rola-rola and the insanely bendy contortionist Lorenzo Bernardi.

Show writers, hosts and Hippodrome favourites Jack Jay and comedy partner Johnny Mac have such effortless chemistry that watching them bounce off each other (occasionally literally) is always a treat and this year's show even included a few double entendres for adult ears only.

The pair guide the audience through a packed show which has thrills, spills, a non-cooperative ghost, fantastic dance routines from the Estelle Clifton Dancers and a 17-year-old squeezing himself into the smallest space imaginable. I winced.

Along the way there's a miniature homage to All the Single Ladies, Zoltar tells fortunes, we hear about Johnny Mac's dating history via DVD boxes and a smartphone saves the day – in short, there are plenty of tricks and treats.

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There's even a dance routine the audience can join in with at the end of the show - on which note, what's a mummy's favourite kind of music? Wrap.

The Halloween Spooktacular is at The Hippodrome Circus until October 31, visit for dates and times or call the box office, 01493 844172.

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