Revealed: The Norwich street where Alan Partridge grew up

Film premier of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa at Hollywood Cinema, Anglia Square, Norwich. Photo: Steve

Film premier of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa at Hollywood Cinema, Anglia Square, Norwich. Photo: Steve Adams

The enigma that is Alan Partridge has revealed another fascinating insight into his life – growing up in the streets of Norwich.

Cecil Road, Norwich, where Alan Partridge grew up.

Cecil Road, Norwich, where Alan Partridge grew up. - Credit: Google Maps

In his latest book, NOMAD, fictional Norwich broadcaster Partridge recalls growing up on Cecil Road, just a short walk from Norwich city centre.

Little did he know that since he lived on the road, the location has become a magnet for other figureheads of the city's community.

In fact, one of the houses on the street where Alan spent his formative years, is now home to a former lord mayor of Norwich.

Felicity Hartley, 71, held the role exactly a decade ago and was amazed that she shared a postcode with Partridge (the character created by comedian Steve Coogan).

Former Lord Mayor of Norwich Felicity Hartley.

Former Lord Mayor of Norwich Felicity Hartley.

'I'm intrigued that I'm living in the house so close to the home of so famous a man,' Ms Hartley said. 'I've lived here for 25 years, but my old neighbour lived on the street at the same time that Alan would have.

'She received a call from her daughter, who told her the story, and then she told me.

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'I think perhaps her daughters may have remembered seeing a little boy running about...'

In NOMAD, Partridge describes how his journey starts at his childhood home in Cecil Road.

Yet in his recount of the street, Alan says: 'What I hadn't realised, even though I specifically asked my assistant to check, is that my house is no longer there.

'Long since yanked down to make way for a business park.'

Ms Hartley confirms that the homes are still very much there, and joked: 'When people realise Alan lived here I'm hoping the house prices will go up.'

The Cecil Road residents are also in with a chance of meeting one another, when Alan returns to his home town, for a book signing at Jarrold on Saturday.

'If he signed a book for me I'd buy one!' said Ms Hartley.

Will Mr Partridge respond to the request of his influential neighbour?

Will he return to the home he learned to walk in?

Only time will tell.

Alan and family in Norwich

In his recollection of Cecil Road, Alan also remembers his days of 'hide and be seeked', when his parents would often be unable to find him, and so 'got their coats and went to the cinema or the pub to see if he'd hidden there'.

As the closest local pub, the Trafford Arms, on Grove Road, would have been the most likely watering hole for Alan's weary parents.

'Anyone's welcome here, famous or not,' said barmaid Tracey Dodds.

'It'd be lovely to see him here actually, he's such a funny man.

'We'd love to have him back, especially with his parents!'

As far as schooling goes, Alan would only have had to walk down the road to reach the closest school – the Hewett Academy on Cecil Road.

The school may well have welcomed the youngster's quirky, unique talents, back in the days before Alan became a household name.

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