Recycling efforts not wasted, says Norwich council

People are being urged not to be alarmed if they see one truck collecting all of their waste.

The message has been issued after complaints were made when people in Norwich saw the same dustcart collect both their general and food waste. Norwich City Council has introduced 'duo' vehicles which can collect general household waste and food waste without mixing the two together.

A City Hall spokesman said: 'These vehicles really are a great bit of kit. Being able to collect more than one thing at a time means we're cutting down on the amount of journeys made, which is great news for residents and for the environment. Fewer journeys mean less traffic on the road, lower levels of exhaust emissions, and quicker collections.

'The message to get across to people seeing these vehicles in action is that we are not mixing up recycling or waste from different bins. It might look like they are all being emptied in to the same place, but the vehicles are divided up inside to keep everything separate. Your hard work isn't going to waste.' In some narrower streets, however, separate collections are made due to accessibility.

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