Reader letter: Is the media to blame for the loss of the true Norfolk accent?

(Picture: Matthew Usher)

(Picture: Matthew Usher) - Credit: Matthew Usher

Further to the recent correspondence on Norfolk place names, I refer to articles by Prof Trudgill on the pronunciation of Sprowston. In his item May 19, 2014 he quotes 949 of the boys out of 950 at the City of Norwich School in the 1950s as pronouncing the first syllable of Sprowston to rhyme with 'now'.

As a Norfolk nationalist it is my worry the pronunciation of Norfolk place names has been unduly influenced by local media over the years. They tend to employ people from outside the county who are insufficiently aware of local word usage. They use the traditional pronunciation of Costessey, Happisburgh and Wymondham but are less concerned with other places.

I feel sure we should welcome the many people who are attracted to our county when they are prepared to accept it as it has been for many years. However, I am resentful of those who want to impose their own uses onto Norfolk and its pronunciation.I wonder if Prof Trudgill has written a thesis on the effect of the media on the Norfolk accent?

Andrew Fakes,

Lawn Avenue, Great Yarmouth.

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