Portishead take Latitude crowd on a beautifully dark journey

Portishead headlined the Obelisk stage on Saturday at Latitude 2015

Portishead headlined the Obelisk stage on Saturday at Latitude 2015

From spine chillingly beautiful to apocalyptically dark Portishead gave one best performances of Latitude when they filled the Obelisk Arena on Saturday night.

Despite very little in the way of crowd interaction, excepting a three minute crowd surf from Beth Gibbons, or movement on stage the band managed to drag everyone through an eerily intense journey.

Tracks from their debut album Dummy drew some of the greatest cheers with Glory Box and Mysterons well received.

One of the highlights war-like drums of Machinegun hammered out to the backdrop of riots, protests and an image of David Cameron firing lasers from his eyes.

After a lengthy pause Portishead returned for an encore with Thom Yorke, lead singer of Radiohead, making a guest appearance on stage for The Rip.

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The intensity and dark feeling never stopped but was transformed to a melancholic beauty with Roads which highlights the quality of Gibbons' voice.

Despite the music being almost impossible to dance to no one seemed to mind and the finale was met with rapturous applause after Gibbons returned from her stint in the crowd.

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