Photograph exhibition starts on rural Suffolk road

More than 100 photographs have gone on show along a rural country road, each featuring one of the many people who have used the route over the past two years.

The exhibition has been created by photographer Brian Jaquest, who lives in London City Road in Wilby, near Eye, and who started the project in May 2009.

Mr Jaquest, 69, said it 'wouldn't mean anything' to have the images displayed in a gallery far from the site, and thought it would be 'unusual' but appropriate to have the prints put up along the roadside.

'It only really means anything to the people that live in or pass down this road' he said.

'There are 112 prints, all mounted on boards and onto posts and they will be placed along the lane.'

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The idea first came to Mr Jaquest after he took a portrait of a microlight pilot who had crashed in a field bordering the road.

'I live in a cottage and people go past pretty quickly so I would leap out and ask them to take their picture,' he said.

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'Only two have said 'no' yet. It had to be a spur of the moment thing – what they were wearing, how they looked didn't matter. It had to be that moment in time.

'Everyone I have photographed I have given a print to and told them what I'm doing. I have written to them all and hopefully they will all come and have a look.'

Mr Jaquest, who worked for many years in advertising and has a studio in London, said he would not be making any financial gain from the exercise and just wanted a project to work on.

'I only want them to survive a week and either they will be mown down by tractors or people will nick them – which will mean there will be less of them for me to pick up at the end of the week,' he said.

'I'm more interested in the local characters.

'My friends and family thought it was fantastic –especially the photographers I know.'

Each of the portraits will be positioned at the spot on London City Road at which it was taken.

The exhibition will last until September 18.

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