YouTube make-up sensations Pixiwoo pull the crowds at Jarrolds

Nick and Sam with fan and follower Fiona Powell

Nick and Sam with fan and follower Fiona Powell - Credit: Archant

Dozens queued through the afternoon to meet sisters and YouTube make-up vloggers Pixiwoo at the launch of their first book at Jarrolds.

Sam and Nic Chapman have been making videos giving hints and tips on make-up for the last eight years, and have made the move into book publishing to provide something for every generation, they said.

On Saturday afternoon, girls queued down the street to get a signed copy of the book, titled Face.

'Nic and I have a YouTube channel which has over two million subscribers, and we wanted to bring a little of that idea into a book format,' said Sam. 'We have been going for eight years now. We were both make-up artists at the time and when I was eight and a half months pregnant I decided to film a technique I was using and put it on YouTube. It just snowballed from there really. Now there is this amazing family of people around us. 'When we film a video it takes some time and there is a lot of practical stuff that gets left out. It also has to be at quite a fast paced to stay entertaining, and the book allows us to get more information in.'

Nic added writing the book allowed them more flexibility in appealing to a more varied audience.

'A lot of what we were finding out from talking to people was that a lot of them were coming with their mums, but the mother probably wasn't online,' she said. 'Making a book available gives people a chance to get something more tangible. Something online is quite fleeting but with a book it is something people can keep. 'When we do our videos we get friends in to help but on the whole we are doing it on ourselves. This is for all colours, all ages, all eye shapes and all face shapes. 'It is really breaking it down, and there are a lot of personal stories in there about stuff we like and what works well, how to get into make-up, and a few pictures from our childhood too.'

Pixiwoo also have a DVD coming out on November 20, called Hollywood Icons.