YouTube angling sensations hook up with TV show

Chris Collins (left) and Stephen Crowe

Chris Collins (left) and Stephen Crowe - Credit: Archant

YouTube angling sensations Chris Collins and Stephen Crowe will be making their debut on Mustard TV next month after notching up almost 4.5m views online.

Stephen Crowe with rare catch 'Fungus' from Cobble Acre Lakes

Stephen Crowe with rare catch 'Fungus' from Cobble Acre Lakes - Credit: Archant

The pair, who have been making videos for the fishing community for the past four years, share 25 years of experience in the industry and have made a success of the home video channel by interacting as much as possible with their viewers.

Mr Collins, 30, expects they have answered in the region of 5,000 messages from inquisitive fans since they started out.

'When we started out we never thought it was going to get to millions of views,' he said. 'We are both keen fishermen and thought we would give it a go. I had done a bit of filming before with my job with Angling Direct.

'I started off there as work experience at 14, and now I look after all their social media, while Stephen works in the Norwich store.

Chris Collins beach fishing

Chris Collins beach fishing - Credit: Archant

'We were friends, anyway, so it just progressed from there. Its original purpose was just to help people, and give us a chance to get a bit creative. There was no real plan to start with – we were going fishing anyway and would just document it.'

More than 100 videos have been uploaded to the pair's YouTube channel – From the Water's Edge TV – since they first took a camera out to document their sessions.

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'We must have answered over 5,000 questions over the years, and we always try to reply to them,' said Mr Collins.

'I think the thing people like about it is it is not staged. We just go and document what happens. Sometimes there are times when we go out and it doesn't work, and that will never make it to YouTube.

'I would like to think the information in there is really good. We both know what we are talking about because we have been in the industry for such a long time.

'We are not trying to sell anything or advertise; we are saying this is what we are doing because we think it is the best way. It helps younger anglers and we get so many messages on Facebook saying the advice has helped. I think we just come across as two normal fishermen.'

That attitude has gained Mr Collins and Mr Crowe followers from all around the world.

'We have quite a lot of people from Europe watching because their fishing is quite similar to ours in countries like Holland and Germany, and we also get quite a lot of people from America for the beach fishing videos,' said Mr Collins.

'We just want to get as many people into it as possible. Fishermen in general are very keen to talk about it. Some people go to football, some people play golf, but a lot go fishing.'

From the Water's Edge will form part of Mustard's Super Saturday sports offering – which launches on September 10, on Freeview channel 7 and Virgin 159. Mustard is part of Archant which also publishes the Evening News.

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