Your accounts of the suspected meteor over Norfolk last night

Readers have been contacting us through the night and this morning to describe the very bright light, thought to be a meteor, flying east to west just before 11pm last night.

There were reports from Fakenham, Weasenham, Norwich, Surlingham, Dereham, Blakeney, Saxlingham Thorpe, Attleborough, King's Lynn, and near Holt, with witnesses describing it as green-coloured, with two smaller fragments behind it.

One reader, Christine Oliver from Thorpe St Andrew emailed us to say: 'I thought it was a UFO to start with, I've never seen anything like it'

And Alan Gardiner, who was near Attleborough, said in an email: 'At first I thought it was one of the C5s going in to Mildenhall as it looked at first like the landing lights shining through the clouds.

'I stopped the lorry and got out to get a better look. It had now become a vivid fluorescent green, it was travelling quite fast but not as fast as a shooting star. After what must have been 15 seconds it started to break up and gained a fiery tale, it then seemed to dip towards the Earth and slowly faded from view.

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'I have worked through the night for many years and this is by far the biggest show that I have seen. I have seen meteor showers on a regular basis and witnessed Halle Bopp night after night.

'I can only describe this a spectacular and absolutely breathtaking.'

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Neville Manley, of Weasenham, said: 'It started off as a bright white light and then as it was flying the trailing bits appeared to be on fire.

'We have all seen shooting stars but this was really big. We expected to see it hit the ground and hear a big bang. It was really close.'

Staff at the Kielder Observatory in Northumberland, taking to social media website Twitter to discuss what they described as 'a huge fireball' and 'an incredible object'.

The observatory tweeted: 'This was big, trajectory went from east, south east and headed to the west, broke up over west coast, many fragments.

'Many many fragments, maybe in excess of 100 pieces started green went yellow, no sound but long obvious termination lasted 20-30 seconds.'

The observatory said it could have been a meteor, or possibly space junk, such as a satellite burning up as it enters the atmosphere.

And some have take to Twitter to dub the bright light Canary's Comet because of it's vivid green.

Meanwhile Ellie Proudfoot and Nick Williams from Costessey contacted us to say they were in the car on the Norwich Road around 10.50pm last night.

They said 'We saw this green-ish gold ball of fire in the sky.

'It was absolutely amazing. We had never seen anything like this before.

'We just wish we could of got a spectacular photo.'

Keith Gyles also emailed us to say he saw the meteor from his home in King's Lynn

around 10.50pm.

He said: 'Facing north, it travelled from east to west relatively slowly and low with a bright tail, we witnessed it break up as it headed towards the Terrington area. We didn't hear any sound.'

Mary-Ann Knee, from Dereham, said: 'Strangely we saw this exact thing on Wednesday night. We came home and searched the news to see if anyone had reported it.'

Did you see the fireball? And did you get a photograph or video of it? If so us your pictures to reporter Rosa McMahon on

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