Young radio listeners across Norfolk and Suffolk to be targeted as part of police rape campaign

Young people across Norfolk and Suffolk are to be the target of a series of radio ads set to be pushed out across both counties in a bid to tackle the issue of rape and serious sexual assault.

Norfolk and Suffolk Constabularies have teamed up with the regional station KISS to send out crucial messages about the dangers of becoming victims or offenders of such crimes as they head out for the night whether to a club, a house party or to mark the end of exams.

The move is part of the forces' Time to Stop campaign launched in June to raise awareness of rape and sexual violence particularly among young women and men aged 17 to 24. Reports of rape and sexual offences historically rise over the summer and is believed to be linked to increased socialising during such warm weather periods.

There are two main versions of adverts with one focusing on female listeners who are urged to look out for each other and plan ahead for their night out, while the other serves as a reminder to male listeners to realise when 'no means no'.

Detective Superintendent Katie Elliott of Norfolk Constabulary said: 'A significant number of rapes and sexual assaults in both counties are linked to alcohol and nights out and in most cases the victim and offender know one another or have just met.

'We know alcohol makes people more vulnerable and one of our key messages is stick with your friends. Have a good night out but look out for each other and make sure you all get home safely.'

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