Young boy’s big idea to help less fortunate children

Herbie and Luca Paolantonio Hoad

Herbie and Luca Paolantonio Hoad - Credit: Archant

With Hallowe'en fast approaching, the idea of witchcraft and wizardry symbolising spooky fun is something embraced by all – however in other cultures the idea of witchcraft being a threat is real.

Fundraising Money Box 'Hope the Dinosaur'

Fundraising Money Box 'Hope the Dinosaur' - Credit: Archant

But one Lowestoft boy hopes to help children affected by the impact of this superstition – by raising funds to buy colouring pens, pencils and books so they too can enjoy Christmas.

After hearing about the Nigerian based charity Land of Hope, which protects children accused of being witches from being beaten and shunned by their communities, five-year-old Herbie Paolantonio Hoad was inspired to do something to help.

Herbie's mum, Clara Paolantonio Hoad, 42, explained: 'I was amazed by his request and on further discussion he decided he would like to do something nice for Christmas – I am very proud of him.

'Any donations, no matter how small, will go a long way. These children will be so grateful and so will we for any support people give.'

Since beginning fund-raising in September, with the support of parents Clara and Chris, brothers Luca, nine, and Joe, 14, Herbie has so far raised more than £40.

Herbie said: 'If I don't help them have an activity they will be sad, any donations will be good. Thank you to everyone who helps.'

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All donations made will be placed in Herbie's dinosaur money box named 'Hope', to donate visit: or

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