You’re hired! Wymondham College appoints enterprise adviser to help prepare students for world of work

Jan Hytch of Arnolds Keys, left, and Liz Edwards of Wymondham College. Picture: ANDY NEWMAN

Jan Hytch of Arnolds Keys, left, and Liz Edwards of Wymondham College. Picture: ANDY NEWMAN - Credit: Archant

A school has appointed an enterprise adviser to help it build a better network of business contacts and prepare students for the world of work.

Jan Hÿtch, partner at Arnolds Keys, will be working with staff at Wymondham College to advise on employer engagement strategy.

Mrs Hÿtch will also lead a team of Arnolds Keys staff in a number of specific initiatives designed to engage and support students.

She has already helped create a six-week lesson block to teach students about employability, finance, finding a job and the soft skills essential to the world of work.

Now a team of chartered surveyors from Arnolds Keys is planning a one-day workshop which will see students evaluate, market and 'sell off' parts of the college campus in a realistic exercise designed to mirror the property business.

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'Often both businesses and schools are keen to engage with each other, but there hasn't always been the structure to make that happen,' said Mrs Hÿtch.

'It's so important young people have the opportunity to understand what employers are really looking for. This initiative helps schools to plug the gaps in skills with real life experiences to augment what is taught in the classroom.

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'This kind of joint approach is valuable both to the school – teachers and students alike – and also to the employers and their staff who take part.'

Liz Edwards, student futures adviser at Wymondham College, added: 'All schools are realising that they need to build closer relationships with their business communities.

'Businesses like Arnolds Keys can offer us a much more detailed insight into the needs of employers and guide us about what employability skills we need to be introducing to our students.'

Local Enterprise Partnership chairman Mark Pendlington said: 'If we want to compete and win on a world stage, we need to deliver a higher skilled workforce for our growing economy.

'We can help do that by placing business leaders at the heart of the education system, to inspire young minds when they are seeking out their future paths and looking to match their talents and aspirations with a high value and rewarding career.'

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