Yarmouth baby named after Jenson Button

These three new bundles of joy were born at the James Paget University Hospital in Gorleston on New Year's Day.

Weighing 7lbs baby Jenson certainly got off to a racing start for 2011 – although his mother may need a lengthy pit stop to recover.

Named after Formula One racing star Jenson Button by his parents, Gemma Roberts and Michael Iles, from Great Yarmouth, Jenson was born at 3.19am.

He was born two weeks earlier than expected after he was induced.

And if he grows up to emulate the McClaren driver he can rely on his father to help out on the track as the 32-year-old is an MOT tester.

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Gemma, 28, from Raleigh Avenue, said: 'It was very painful giving birth to Jenson. I said to the nurses afterwards 'sorry I sounded like a maniac'.'

Jenson has a sister Brooke, four, and a half sister Adele, 11.

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Stacey Tate, 17, and Jeremy Priestley, 19, of Cobholm were fussing over their first child Chloe who was born at 01.06am weighing 7lbs 7oz. Chloe was born two days late.

Her mother said: 'The birth went really smoothly. Everyone is feeling very excited for us.'

New Year's Day had a special and weighty surprise for Carlton Colville couple Joanne and David Lewis.

At 11.45am Joanne, 25, gave birth to Riley who weighed an impressive 8lbs 4oz.

Hopefully getting nappies for their second child will be no problem for the couple as David, 25, works at the Boots in Great Yarmouth.

Joanne said: 'He was due to be born on January 4. I am glad he arrived early as he is quite big.'

Joanne said their daughter Sophie, three, could not wait to see her brother when the couple, who have been married for four years, bring him home.

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