WATCH: Crestfallen X Factor hopeful performs on streets of Norwich after showing up to cancelled audition

Tierney Webb was expecting to take part in an X-Factor audition but it never happened. Picture: Carl

Tierney Webb was expecting to take part in an X-Factor audition but it never happened. Picture: Carla Brighton - Credit: Archant

A teenage X Factor hopeful says she has been left feeling cheated after arriving to auditions in Norfolk, only to find out they had been cancelled.

Tierney Webb, 18, arrived at Castle Mall at 7.40am on Saturday to take part in the 9am auditions. But on arrival she found no-one there.

After talking to staff in the mall she discovered that the event had been cancelled despite receiving a confirmation email.

She said: 'I feel cheated and have prepared for this in many ways as well as choosing the right piece of music to emphasise my voice.

'I have felt nervous and have worked on overcoming my nerves. I had no idea it is was cancelled or going to be as I had received no communication from them since receiving the original email in regards to the audition.'

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Miss Webb is a type 1 diabetic and had brought her medication to the city in preparation for a long wait.

Now she does not know what to do as no announcement has been made about the cancelled auditions.

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She added: 'I feel disheartened to go again due to feeling that their lack of caring for the people who have put themselves forward to do and have the opportunity.'

However, Ms Webb still sang her heart out on Norwich's streets to show her talent.

Castle Mall confirmed the event was postponed and have been contacted for further comment.

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