Wymondham town council reject plans for 70 homes on Chapel Lane

Residents objecting to plans to build up to 70 homes on Chapel Lane in Wymondham received the backing of the town council on Tuesday night when councillors unanimously voted against the proposal.

More than 40 residents attended the town council's planning, lighting and highways meeting at Fairland Hall to voice their concerns about the plans, which the councillors unanimously voted against, although South Norfolk Council's planning committee will make the final decision.

Ian McLean, who lives on Chapel Lane, said: 'It's a beautiful, untouched, peaceful environment.

'We are going against this proposal because it's not right for Wymondham. To keep Wymondham on the map we need something to bring people here.

'It's not about money – house prices can go up and down – this is about doing what is right for Wymondham.'

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The outline application, which has been submitted by the Herts-based Fairfield Partnership, includes plans for up to 70 homes, a play area and public open spaces including new footpaths.

Terry Povey, from the Friends of the Tiffey Valley, described the proposals as a 'gross intrusion' into the rural landscape.

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'The proposal would result in a housing estate being constructed outside the settlement boundary for Wymondham and close to a country wildlife site and the river floodplain, which it would be likely to adversely affect,' he said. 'It would obscure significant and well-loved views of Wymondham Abbey.'

Councillor Andy Gardiner said: 'It's a disgrace to build on the Tiffey Valley – we should preserve as much of Wymondham as we can.

'This development is absolutely wrong and there is no way the council should support it.'

Councillor Jackie Wright said the land was a worldwide treasure and to build on it would mean more cats, dogs and children.

'Let us not destroy it,' she said. 'This piece of land is an asset for tourism, leisure and science.'

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