Woodland walkers stumped by massive size of uprooted tree

Fallen tree near Rendlesham.

Fallen tree near Rendlesham. - Credit: Archant

This striking photo looks like it could have been captured in the redwood forests of northern California.

But the sad sight of a fallen tree's enormous mud-packed foundation was actually shot in the Suffolk countryside.

Ipswich estate agent Jonathan Waters stumbled across the stricken poplar while walking in the woods near Rendlesham.

For perspective, he also snapped 18-year-old daughter Hollie and family dog Cleo alongside the toppled tree – which removed a huge clod of earth on its descent, leaving a waterlogged ditch deep enough to paddle in.

Mr Waters, of Melbourne Road, Ipswich, said: 'I was quite shocked to see several fallen trees, but this was clearly the largest. It may have been the result of very wet weather followed by a windy night.'

Much of the Forestry Commission's coniferous estate was planted in the 1920s on former heathland.

Judging by its size, Mr Waters thinks the tree survived the storm of 1987.

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'It must have survived the hurricane – although not many did,' he said.

The Forestry Commission said the tree had fallen because of windy weather, in part due to a very shallow root system.

A spokesman said the root plates of the poplar are valuable habitats, and that Barbestrelle bats can use them as roost sites. The tree will, therefore, be left as it is.