Lifeboat called after woman wades into sea after dog

Happisburgh RNLI Russell Pickering. Picture: Happisburgh RNLI

Happisburgh RNLI Russell Pickering. Picture: Happisburgh RNLI - Credit: Archant

A lifeboat crew was scrambled to hunt for a woman who waded into the sea after her dog.

Volunteers of Happisburgh Lifeboat Station were alerted by the UK Coastguard at around 11.05am on Sunday November 11 to Walcott, between Happisburgh and Bacton in north Norfolk.

The crew had just returned from their Sunday morning training exercises but quickly assembled in the lifeboat, Russell Pickering.

With Christian Larter at the helm and Cubitt Siely, David Loveday and Sean Thurston as crew, they proceeded to Walcott at full speed.

When they arrived they were told that the woman was ashore and did not require any service from the RNLI, and were stood down.

The RNLI has issued advice following the incident.

It said: 'If your dog enters the sea or any water then do not enter the water yourself.

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'Try calling and encouraging your dog to return. If this does not happen and you are worried for your dog's safety then call 999 and ask for the Coastguard who will contact the lifeboat who are happy to help.

'Most dogs will get their own way back to shore but the owners do not always get back to shore safely.'