Outrage as seal pups die ‘due to human intervention’

One seal pup died after being abandoned by its mother after being surrounded by people, according to

One seal pup died after being abandoned by its mother after being surrounded by people, according to Friends of Horsey Seals. Picture: Friends of Horsey Seals. - Credit: Archant

'This is not acceptable.'

Those were the words of one charity after two seal pups died due to "human intervention".

Friends of Horsey Seals (FoHS) has denounced the actions of visitors to the beach at Winterton-on-Sea, near Hemsby, after they discovered that two healthy pups had lost their lives.

FoHS said that the first died after being surrounded by a number of people, causing its mother to abandon it after being unable to reach her young pup.

The second was allegedly chased into the sea by two young children, where the pup - yet to have grown its waterproof fur - drowned.

In a Facebook post, FoHS said: "A very sad day for us today at Winterton beach. We lost two young healthy pups due to human intervention.

"This is not acceptable. Please keep your distance. Please listen to the wardens."

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Hundreds of people commented on the post, voicing their fury over the the defenceless seals' deaths.

Diane Lack said: "Why, just why? This makes me so sad and angry. With so many more pups at Winterton I really think the beach needs to be closed. What kind of people would let their children do this to these beautiful pups?

"They are just not welcome, please stay away if you cannot show respect. How upsetting for all the other adults and children to witness this. It is just so unacceptable on every level."

Louise Seely said: "I literally can't believe what I'm reading. What the hell is wrong with people? We take our children every year and they have been taught to give the seals lots of space and respect. They've never been allowed on the beach and if we come across one up in the dunes we keep our distance.

"This is basic common sense and I'm appalled that any parent could behave in such a despicable way."

Jackie Emens said: "Disgusting behaviour - people need to respect these beautiful creatures. We were there a few weeks ago and seeing the seals and pups is a wonderful sight and one to be treasured. Just heartbreaking."

Katie Sarah said:" It is absolutely disgraceful that children were allowed to chase the pup. Poor thing must have been absolutely terrified.

"Listen to the wardens and have some respect for the wonderful, rare opportunity to see wildlife up close."

Andy Baalham said: "Some humans have no respect for any animals lives. I despair at what this world is turning into."

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