Woman horrified as she wakes up to find front window 'smashed to bits'

smashed window Great Yarmouth

The council has since covered the hole with some film, but the incident has left Ms Atkin shaken - Credit: Stacey Atkin

A woman has told of her exasperation after she woke to find a huge hole in her living room window and glass strewn over the floor.

Stacey Atkin, 33, has lived on Stephenson Close, in Great Yarmouth, in a council block for almost three years and says she's "never had any problems" with antisocial behaviour.

Police confirmed they received the criminal damage report and believe the incident took place at 11.10pm on Thursday, February 4.

A spokesperson said enquiries were ongoing.

Stacey Atkin

Stacey Atkin, 33, said she had never experienced criminal damage while living in the block before - Credit: Stacey Atkin

Ms Atkin, who suffers from insomnia and mental health issues, said the scariest part was that it seemed she had been "targeted".

She said: "There's plenty of ground floor council flats in this area, but only my window has been smashed to bits. It looks like someone has hit it with a brick.

"I was in a deep sleep because I have insomnia, and the night before I hadn't slept at all.

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"That meant I heard nothing during the night, and only noticed the damage when I woke up before 9am.

"When I turned my phone on I realised my neighbours had called me just after 11pm. 

"They said they heard some boys running away after hearing the window shatter."

After discovering the damage, Ms Atkin called both the police and the council.

Stephenson Close

The incident happened on Stephenson Close, Great Yarmouth - Credit: Google

She said: "The repairs team at the council secured the window with some film but given it's the weekend they probably won't be able to replace it until next week.

"I just don't need this stress.

"The lockdown has been hard enough on my own, and now I've got this to deal with."

Ms Atkin said she'd gone to her mum's after the attack as part of her support bubble, but would have to return home this evening to look after her animals.

She said: "If anyone has information about this please get in touch with the police.

"I'd hate it to happen to someone else.

"Though I have CCTV in my back garden and at my entrance I never managed to get cameras out front.

"I'd appreciate those who do to help me track down whoever did this."