Wind turbines get go-ahead

A village hall may have to move the site of its planned wind turbine so it does not hamper a new housing site next door.

Bacton village hall wants to put up the 15m pylon in its grounds off the main coast road to help reduce power bills.

But land next door has only recently been earmarked for new housing, and a 50m buffer zone around the turbine - to protect homes and gardens from noise - would bite about a fifth of the site meaning only 16 rather than 20 homes could be build, members of North Norfolk District Council's planning committee heard.

Hall trustee Dan Corbett said the turbine, combined with linked plans for photovoltaic panels on the roof, was a 'beacon project' aimed at cutting hall energy costs.

Planning officer Gary Linder said officials were recommending refusal because of the impact on the housing land only just finalised in the Local Development Framework blueprint.

But councillors heard there were no objections from the parish council or neighbours and gave officers delegated powers to approve the scheme if the turbine could be moved 20-30m, lessening its effect on the housing land.

Councillors also approved a small turbine at Bodham at the Kelling Road home of Alistair Barron, despite some neighbour objections.

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The committee heard that 18m tall turbine would have a four blades and a 7m long aircraft tail-style aerofoil to turn it into the wind.

Officials felt it would not harm the landscape or affect local residents with noise.

The parish council had however objected along with five neighbours, one of whom David Aldridge told the committee there were concerns about the height of the structure, the possible noise and flicker effect.

Councillors however voted 9-1 to approve the plan.