Councillors warned of strength of opposition to Woottons developments

Councillors meet today to decide whether hundreds of new homes can be built around South Wootton Pi

Councillors meet today to decide whether hundreds of new homes can be built around South Wootton Picture: Archant - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

Councillors are being warned of the strength of local opposition to two major developments, before they meet to decide plans which could see almost 600 new homes.

West Norfolk council's planning committee is set to decide two applications to develop sites at South Wootton, on the outskirts of King's Lynn, at a special meeting.

One comprises 450 houses on land north of Edward Benefer Way and South Wootton School. The other 125 new properties, on land to

the west of Nursery Lane and Bracken Road.

More than 1,000 people have signed a petition against the devlopments. But councillors have been recommended to approve both when they meet on Monday, December 17.

South Wootton Parish Council objects to the Edward Benefer Way development. It says: 'This development cannot be considered in isolation but must be viewed alongside the proposed adjacent development by Bowbridge for 130 properties, west of Nursery Lane, as well as the combined 700 properties proposed by Camland and Clayland at Knight's Hill, represent an increase of 70pc in the size of the

village, which will have a detrimental effect on the village character and infrastructure.'

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Of the Nursery Lane proposals, North Wootton parissh council says: 'South Wootton will become just another part of King's Lynn which will have a knock on effect on our village. No infrastructure is proposed, where are the extra schools, shops, doctors' surgery, pharmacy and play areas.'

It also fears the loss of prime farmland, saying there are plenty of brownfield sites available nearby and building on green fields

should be a last resort.

Castle Rising Parish Council adds: 'The developer's total disregard to destroying the village scene and character are clearly

indicated by planning for a further phase of development to which they have reserved an access the borough council planning officers need to be aware the various proposals are being strongly objected by South Wootton Parish Council, North Wootton Parish Council,

Castle Rising Parish Council and the majority of local residents over 1,000 of whom have signed a petition or objected. Democratically it

would be wrong to ignore this level of opposition.'