Shock as cleaner finds a snake in house

Corn snake

The corn snake after it had been found in a residence near St Anne's Quarter. - Credit: Norwich Police

A cleaner got the shock of their life when they found a colourful corn snake in a house.

The worker had the close encounter at St Anne's Quarter at 10.30am on Wednesday, and immediately called police.

Norfolk police worked with Kevin Murphy from Norfolk Wildlife Rescue to deal with the incident.

Mr Murphy said: "When I received the call, it was like the bat-signal. I was there within 10 minutes."

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy has always wanted to help wildlife. - Credit: Kevin Murphy

The wildlife expert quickly discovered the reptile was a corn snake and not a big threat to people.

Mr Murphy used safety gloves before covering the snake in a soft pillow case and transferring the creature into a smaller container.

Norwich police said the snake was safely captured and would be staying with a reptile handler for safe keeping.

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Mr Murphy said: "Corn snakes aren't particularly dangerous, but if you don't know what you're doing or if you're not experienced, it's best not to touch it and leave it to someone who knows."

Corn snake and a car key.

A size comparison of the corn snake and a car key. - Credit: Kevin Murphy

Mr Murphy said: "If you see a snake and you don't know what to do, who are you going to call?

"I'm a bit like the ghostbusters but for animals."

Corn snake

The snake was between 10 and 12 inches in length and eats mostly mice and rats. - Credit: Kevin Murphy