Why Timpson’s arrival in Dereham could be a smart move for the town

Reviewer Heidi Jackson. Photo : ARCHANT.

Reviewer Heidi Jackson. Photo : ARCHANT. - Credit: Steve Adams

OPINION: Why Timpson's arrival in Dereham could be a smart move for the town

Amidst the arrival of a Timpson store outside of Tesco in Dereham, many members of the community have been quick to claim that the services provided are overpriced.

This could well be the case, however, it was bought to my attention via social media that the company offers a courteous free service.

If an unemployed customer goes into a Timpson store and is going to a genuine job interview then the company will dry clean your outfit free of charge.

This is available from 500 stores nationwide, Dereham being included.

At a time where unemployment is at an all time high, it's great to see such a large company offering their services to help.

This is something that you don't see very regularly, people often say 'you get nothing for free these days', but Timpson has proved that wrong. First impressions are crucial and your outfit is one of the first things that will be seen by the interviewee, therefore making sure it is clean and ironed properly is important.

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Many might say that they can wash their own clothes, but if a professional company is offering to do it for free then why not take them up on it? We can definitely be quick to judge large companies but sometimes they are in fact trying to help the community, similarly to smaller businesses.

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