Why classic Fords can outpace Ferraris

Classic Fords, such as this Capri, have proved a sound investment.

Classic Fords, such as this Capri, have proved a sound investment. - Credit: PA

Classic Fords from the 1970s have provided a better return on investment than classic Ferraris from the same period, according ClassicCarAuctionResults.co.uk.

The company found that between 2014 and 2016, 1970s Fords were trading on average for 3.4 times what they were between 1996 and 1999, while 1970s Ferraris were trading at 3.2 times.

Considering 1970s Ford could generally be purchased for much less than a Ferrari from the same period, this greater return on investment is certainly surprising.

Other standout performers in terms of their return on investment were the more premium brands of Aston Martin and BMW.

Cars from the British manufacturer that were built in the 1970s generally now trade for 4.4 times what they were trading for in the 1990s.

And 1970s BMWs have seen their trading price increase 5.6 times between the 1990s and now.

A spokesman for CCAR said: 'What we can see from the data, is that since the early 90s the brands that have increased in value the most are Aston Martin and BMW, which are now trading for 4.4 and 5.6 times their 1990s price respectively. If you adjust for inflation and increase in Retail Price Index, then the results for the top three earners become even more interesting.

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'Using a five-point moving average to easily view trends we can see that Aston Martin and BMW have enjoyed a steep rise and subsequent stabilisation of values over the past 10 years.

'So if you, or your parents, put money into a 70s classic back in 1990, then an Aston, BMW or Ford would have made you the most return on your investment. Prices of 70s Ferraris at UK auctions, however, are rising more steadily but look as if they could overtake BMW and Aston in terms of price increase.'