What was ‘strange stretched circle’ spotted over Norfolk skies?

The strange object over Oxborough on Sunday afternoon. Picture: submitted

The strange object over Oxborough on Sunday afternoon. Picture: submitted - Credit: Kevin Folan

An unidentified flying object was spotted over Norfolk on Sunday afternoon.

Kevin Folan, 64, was driving through Oxborough towards Downham Market at around sunset, when he sighted a “strange, stretched circle in the sky”.

Mr Folan said he pulled over to the side of the road to look at it properly, and took several photos.

“It was very slowly moving with the wind it seemed, from the west,” Mr Folan said.

“It was very dark but the clouds in the sky were light. It wasn’t a cloud.”

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Mr Folan watched the object “kind of infinitesimally changing shape” for ten minutes, and posted the pictures into his family’s WhatsApp group.

One of Mr Folan’s nieces suggested it could be a flock of starlings.

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“If I had to bet on anything,” he said, “I’d say it would be birds, but I’ve seen murmurations up close and this was a long way off, so there would have needed to be thousands of them to maintain that shape and density.”

Did you spot this UFO in west Norfolk on Sunday? Email ideas and explanations to noah.vickers@archant.co.uk

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