What’s the sense in closing Prince of Wales Road?

Traffic on Prince of Wales Road, NorwichPHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY

Traffic on Prince of Wales Road, NorwichPHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

Regarding the possible closure of Prince of Wales Road, I really don't see any sense in it.

A lot of money has already been spent on traffic-calming measures on this road – that make it pretty unpleasant to drive down on anything other than a bicycle.

Presumably removing cars will then result in all the traffic calming being uprooted again so that buses can move more easily. This yo-yo traffic planning is a sign of no coherent plan being available. The city committed to having heavy traffic some years ago when it made itself retail centre of the world. I would have thought that one major principle in planning now would be to cut down on pollution.

The fact is that the northern inner ring road is already gridlocked for much of the day at critical points, and closure of the Prince of Wales Road will throw more traffic onto this already heavily-polluted road and other inner city roads, increasing car transit times, increasing fuel usage, increasing exhaust fumes.

We really need some long term planning – looking at the reason for journeys being made and then be really creative in reducing need to travel in cars, looking at better provision of reliable low-emission public transport. That will take a lot more courage and imagination than shuffling traffic from one road to another.

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