Council to carry out audit of dog waste bins

Dog poo bin

West Norfolk council is set to check its dog poo bins are still fit for purpose - Credit: Chris Bishop

A council is set to survey dog waste bins to check they're fit for purpose and install extra ones where needed.

West Norfolk council leader Stuart Dark said broken or overflowing bins had become an issue in some areas.

He added: "Our public open space team will, over the coming weeks, assess the condition of current dog waste bins across the 550 square miles of the borough and replace ones that are damaged, defective or showing their age as required."

Extra bins will also be installed in some areas which are popular with dog walkers.

Paul Kunes, the council's cabinet member for environment, said: We want to help and encourage all dog owners to pick up and dispose of their dog’s waste appropriately as left mess can be a health hazard and plastic bagged mess left lying around and not taken away is both damaging to the environment and unsightly."