Wells man thanks people for saving his life

The family of Norfolk man Michael Beeching were told to prepare for the worst when he suffered complications in hospital after going into cardiac arrest on a shooting range.

But now the 67-year-old from Wells has fully recovered and his daughter and friend have raised more than �3,000 on his behalf to thank the people who saved his life.

Mr Beeching, who lives on Waveney Close, had suffered no heart problems before the incident at Mid-Norfolk Shooting Range, Taverham.

He said: 'I lined up my gun to take a shot and then just collapsed, I don't remember anything after that.'

His friend Michael Briggs, from Wells, carefully removed the loaded gun from Mr Beeching's hands before calling 999. He then repeated instructions from over the phone to another friend Mark Trett, from Wighton, who carried out CPR until medical assistance arrived.

He had a large blood clot removed but there were complications during his treatment at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Mr Beeching's daughter Sarah Dack, 33, said: 'There was fluid on his lungs and they couldn't get his blood pressure up or his temperature down. We were called into the hospital six days after he went in.'

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Mr Beeching's wife Verna, 58, said: 'We were told they would try one more drug. They said that it could stabilise him or it could go the other way. It was a total nightmare, but thank God, he pulled through.'

Mr Beeching was released from hospital in March, about a month after he went in.

He has since been back twice for check-ups, most recently on November 1, and has fully recovered.

Fund-raising events organised by Mrs Dack and family friend Tracey Catton, 40, raised �3,060 which was donated to the critical care complex of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and the East Anglian Air Ambulance this month.

Mr Beeching said: 'Everyone has done an amazing job and I want to thank them all for saving my life. I also thank everyone for raising the money and the company Scira for sponsoring the fund-raising events.'

Mr Beeching's family said that he kept his famous sense of humour while he was in hospital and Mr Briggs joked that he is still waiting for �40 back that he leant Mr Beeching on the day of the cardiac arrest.

Mr Beeching said: 'I've got no memory of the day and it is amazing how many people have been telling me that I owe them money.'

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