Tesco store in Norwich closed due to Storm Doris

Tesco Store, Harford Bridge. Picture Archant Library.

Tesco Store, Harford Bridge. Picture Archant Library. - Credit: EDP � 1998

The Tesco superstore at Harford Bridge has been closed due to Storm Doris

A spokesperson for the supermarket said it has been closed for precautionary measures due to the high winds and they are hoping to reopen it as soon as possible.

Tesco has confirmed that they expect the store to be reopen tomorrow morning.

There are also traffic light failures in the area due to a power cut which is causing delays.

The Tesco store in Hethersett has also been forced to close due to problems with overhead cables.

An amber weather warning for wind is place for the region and there have been reports of wind speeds in excess of 81mph in Weybourne, 68mph at Marham and 63mph at Norwich Airport.

Weatherquest forecaster Phil Garner said the strong winds were likely to continue into the evening.

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'They are starting to change direction now and coming round to the north, north west, but there are still winds in excess of 50mph on the north coast until about 8.30pm.

'It's only after then that we'll see things start to settle.'

He said that Friday would be a calmer day, with wind speeds dropping, temperatures hovering around 10C to 11C and little chance of rain.

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